The lesson no child deserves: When lead gets stuck inside of you.
The lesson no child deserves: When lead gets stuck inside of you.

Terrifying places our lead pencils live

MANY of us like to reminisce about our youth: a simpler time, when health care was free (because she was the school nurse) and the only job we had was to make our bed (which was optional, obviously).

But, have you ever stopped to recall a darker time in your past?

When your world suddenly took on a sinister nature and everything was totally not OK?

That's right, your childhood encounter with a lead pencil.


Number 2 HB: We meet again.
Number 2 HB: We meet again.

Sure, most days your lead pencil was your best friend. Who wouldn't want something easily erasable when you screw up your sums, or sketch something phallic across a text book?

But most people also have a horror story, buried deep inside them, about a run-in with a particularly sharp leadie.

And by buried deep, I mean literally, stuck inside of their bodies forever.

Rolling around in there, a permanent reminder of their first ever tattoo.

One man has drawn those who still live with the poison mark of the lead pencil out into the open.

The man, Los, issued a call-out on Twitter this week, asking people to share the spot on their bodies where their ancient lead shards reside.

Ever the gentleman, Los generously offered to reveal his own lead marking to get the ball rolling.

His bravery was certainly rewarded, with people coming out of the woodwork to share the parts of their bodies where their lead pencils snapped off in, as well as the deadly stories behind it.

Some even admitted to being the perpetrators behind historic lead pencil stabbing attacks.

One person revealed that somewhere in the world, a girl lives with a piece of lead stuck in her palm.

"I'm sorry, you were very annoying to me and kept invading my personal space, I was very anti-social and had anger issues," the perp wrote.

Los's question has been retweeted more than 7000 times and liked by nearly 50,000 lead-fearing people across the world.

Here are their stories.


One man shared a disturbing account of the moment his frustration over "single digit multiplication" at school turned into a permanent forehead freckle.


The thread has not only brought people out into the open, it has brought people together in leadie solidarity.

This woman was brave enough to snap her personal shard, which lives just above her eyeball.

But it gets worse. One girl, finally able to share her pain with her new "fam", revealed her sister stabbed her right in the eyeball. What a bloody trooper.


This lady showed off her impressive manicure as well as a small lead marking beneath the skin of her index finger. Consequently, she received several compliments on the pleasing shape of her hands, which she gratefully accepted.


Another woman expressed her relief at having found a community in which she could truly belong. But then she shared where her lead lives and blew the entire group away.


Some kids were offered help, but refused, just so they could one day be a part of this Twitter thread. This lady finally felt brave enough to come clean.


It truly was the gift that kept on giving.

This woman stabbed herself after she receiving the best Christmas present ever. While reliving this painful memory, she also cleverly identified that her branded thumb resembles a big toe.


These ones can go straight to the record books. One lady shared her historic graphite tattoo, which is now entering its fourth decade of life inside her left hand. Happy anniversary!

Another was stabbed by her crush. Love is pain.


This woman's classmate claimed he was trying to eradicate a pesky spider, but we all know the truth.

I hope you're happy, whoever you are.

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