Depleted Redbacks stand proud

TOOWOOMBA Tigers did not get the final, percentage-building victory they were expecting.

The home-ground advantage with its wide-open spaces, the parochial home crowd and a depleted opponent added up to the 15 to 20 goal win they were looking for.

The final score of Tigers 19.7 (121) to Redbacks 14.11 (95) was a wake-up call to the Tigers that the season is not over yet.

As long as the Redbacks play with the commitment they are now showing, September action is well within their grasp.

Missing key players in all zones on Saturday and using fringe players to fill gaps, the Redbacks came within a whisker of causing an upset.

At no stage did they play as if this David-and-Goliath task was going to put them off their game plan.

Kurt Millard played yet another stand-out, inspirational game and would have to be impressing umpires week in and week out. Alex Cutmore, Matt Sinkins, Jason Wright, Brendan Iles and Gavin O’Leary all played great games.

The remainder of the team all performed in a manner that showed they not only wanted victory, but also they were prepared to put their bodies on the line for club and jumper.

Some wayward kicking and the time clock in the final quarter cost the Redbacks glory. Storming home with eight goals to three in the last stanza the Reddies absolutely ran the Tigers into the ground, and finished the game with enough left in their tanks to finish them off had the timing been a bit better.

The deep pockets of Rockville and its overall size does not normally suit the Redbacks’ style of play, but with some smart coaching and quick match-ups, Peter Millard totally out-coached his opposite number and caught him by surprise.

Good tagging and the readiness to go hard at the ball from the opening bounce, every team member gave Redbacks supporters reason for hearty applause.

This game could well set the Reddies up for the remainder of the season.

Redbacks goal scorers: J. Wright 3, N. Donges 3, Kris Millard 2, K. Heier, B. Iles, Kurt Millard, S. Gray, P. Hutchins and J. Hoole 1 each.

Best: Kurt Millard, A. Cutmore, M. Sinkins, J. Wright, B. Iles and G. O’Leary.

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