Determination key to having a chance

WE love winning, who doesn't?

But on Sunday we lost after going to extra time against last year's premiers, the Magic. It was a game that really tested us all.

To be so close, and at times to be leading, created highs and lows and non-stop pressure.

We are now third on the ladder and it is great to be in the top contenders, but it is a whole different mindset. When you think back over your life, can you remember the times you felt truly under the pump?

It is amazing how a bit of time and history puts this into perspective.

I was reading about school kids feeling the pressure with the pending Naplan test. I remember a range of self-inflicted pressures: the pressure of school exams; the absolute fear of the driving test; the first job interview; and the first time you take the court or field for your team and want so much to impress and be selected.

I am sure you know of cartoonist, Charles M. Schulz and if you can't recall his name, you will remember some of the characters he created - Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and Lucy.

But Mr Schulz was a great philosopher and he reminds me it is not just what we achieve but the journey.

He asks you to recall last year's Nobel Prize Winner or the winner from the year before. I can't think of a name. But then he asks you to recall a teacher who made an impact on you. I can think of many, both in the classroom and on the sporting field.

I think of his words in relation to the young Firebirds' players who are stepping up and feeling the excitement and pressure on court, especially Laura Clemesha from Toowoomba who made her ANZ Championship national debut just recently.

Yes we want to win, but just do your best and enjoy the ride.

As Mr Schulz said, if you grit your teeth and show real determination, you'll always have a chance."

This Sunday we take on the Vixens at home at 2.10pm in a tough match.

In closing, thank you to everyone who sent their well-wishes, thoughts and prayers to myself and my family over the past few weeks. It gave me strength.

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