Disabled plea for fair go

THIS Seniors Week, think about which rest room you choose to visit in public places.

Most would agree there is nothing more frustrating than going to the toilet – a little on the desperate side – and having to join a long queue.

But imagine the frustration for disabled people, who are forced to wait outside the only disabled toilets, to find an able-bodied person stroll out.

This has happened three times to Rachel Larter, a Warwick resident who celebrated her 81st birthday yesterday.

Ms Larter, like many in her age group, doesn’t have much time to spare when she realises she needs the toilet.

The aged care resident contacted the Daily News this week to ask people to be mindful of which toilet they use.

“I’ve got a set of wheels and walking sticks and I can only use disabled toilets,” she said.

“Three times I’ve had to wait for the toilet when I need to go in a hurry, and I’ve waited and waited and a man in a suit comes out. He doesn’t have a stick or anything.

“I don’t think it’s fair.”

The solution, Ms Larter said, was to make people more aware that the disabled toilets should only be used by disabled people.

The other option was to install more bathrooms that cater for disabled people.

“I stood there for over five minutes the other day and there was another woman before me and she let me go in,” she said.

“It’s frustrating. I can’t hold on whether I want to or not,” she said.

“I feel like screaming at (these people who walk out) and ask them why they use disabled toilets. I haven’t asked them because they stick their noses up at you.”

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