Disco bullies attack deaf girl

THE parents of a profoundly deaf girl who sustained substantial injuries after being bashed at a Blue Light Disco fear the bullies behind the attack won’t stop until their daughter is “in a body bag”.

The couple say their sixteen-year-old daughter was knocked out on Friday night after being surrounded by the group of about seven teenagers on the dance floor at Slade Hall and punched in the head.

After being scooped off the floor by her brother’s friend, the girl was transported to hospital where she was later met by her mother.

“My daughter was taken to the hospital by ambulance and no police even went up there with her. They were too busy driving the ones who bashed her home to their parents,” she said.

“She had a big, black eye, swollen face, teeth pushed back in her mouth, bloody nose and she has a headache that won’t go away.”

The parents said the disco should have been shut down after staff illnesses meant the two police officers scheduled to supervise were unable to do so, with the kids supervised by a liaison officer and volunteers.

“It wouldn’t have happened if the police were there. There were kids who were banned just walking on through,” he said.

The mother said her daughter had been the target of ongoing harassment from the group and the teen was initially too scared to go to the disco because of it.

“She was a bit apprehensive at first but her brother and his friend talked her into it and said, ‘It’s a police disco, you will be right there’,” she said.

Earlier this year the teen underwent an operation that required a piece of bone to be removed from her head to help improve her hearing, and her mother said the youths in question now target that area.

“I’m worried they will hit her in that spot and she will be a vegetable,” she said.

The 14-year-old brother of the victim was also injured in the attack, saying he and his friend were punched by a group member as they made their way to his sister.

Warwick Police Officer in Charge Senior Sergeant Stewart Day said while there were usually four officers supervising Blue Light discos, staff illnesses meant no police were available for the whole event but monitored it “intermittently”.

“Our juvenile affairs detective spoke to the suspect. She made a full admission and police gave her an official caution,” he said.

“Police are asking for more volunteers to attend Blue Light discos. Incidents like this are extremely rare and we hope it wouldn’t discourage the youth to attend the discos.”

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