Don't wait to set out a will

WE ALWAYS say we will get around to it later but then the unexpected happens and in the blink of an eye everything has changed forever.

Gaffney Lyons and McMahon Solicitors principal solicitor David Lang says there is no reason to avoid setting out a will or power of attorney for your family's future.

"The initial instructions can take no more than 30 minutes and the signing process can be very similar," Mr Lang said.

"Despite the power of attorney being a long document it is also a fairly simple process."

His comments come as this week marks Queensland Wills Week and the Public Trustee Peter Carne has urged everyone over the age of 18 to formalise their wishes and take the time to organise their affairs.

"By 2026 there is going to be almost 1.1 million Queenslanders in the over 65 age bracket and the number of people aged over 100 is expected to increase five-fold," Mr Carne said.

"The aging population is also predicted to have an increased life span and if Queenslanders fail to plan with an enduring power of attorney and valid will there will be an extra burden on families and the state's legal system."

Toowoomba Public Trustee regional manager Jackie Foord said even though there was no office in Warwick the services were still offered in the Rose City.

"We have an agent at the courthouse so anyone that wants to make a will or appoint a power of attorney can go there, then the forms are sent to us for drafting and then back to be signed by the client," she said.

"We also travel to Warwick when required. It is 100% free to create a will through the public trustee with a normal turnaround time of 3-5 days.

"As for a power of attorney, we charge depending on the service required."

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  • Turning 18 years old
  • Birth of a child or grandchild
  • Marriage/divorce and entering a de facto relationship
  • Retirement
  • Purchasing a property
  • Changes of assets

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