Down Under cuisine with a twist

A GROUP of Japanese visitors to the Southern Downs are going to get a taste of home, Australian-style – kangaroo, rabbit and venison with an oriental twist.

In July the Multi-Cultural and Good Understanding Association from Southern Downs Regional Council (SDRC) sister-city Shiwa will take a three-day tour of the region.

As part of that tour there will be a gala dinner at the Queensland College of Wine Tourism (QCWT), where the menu – designed by chef Andrew Simpson – will feature such delicacies as kangaroo, rabbit, venison and organic lamb sushi.

Mr Simpson said he wanted to make a combined menu featuring foods from the Southern Downs and Shiwa.

SDRC community services director Tony Minuti said the visit would constitute the one inbound visit each year allowed for under the international relations plan, adopted by council in March last year.

He said council would fund the dinner for the delegates only, at a cost of $630, and they would pay for all other costs of the visit.

“The international relations plan sets out some par- ameters of what we will and what we won’t be doing,” Mr Minuti said.

“It says that we’ll fund one inbound visit from an overseas country per year and we’ll also fund one outbound visit from the region per year. We’re not paying for their plane trips; all we’re doing is hosting them while they’re here.”

Mr Minuti said while there was not likely to be any economic benefit from this trip, that was not the main point of the relationship.

Shiwa menu

Savouries, a fine selection of sushi (kangaroo, rabbit, venison and organic lamb).

Entree - green tea Murray cod and Atlantic salmon marinated in green tea crusted with cracked pepper, seared until medium-rare and served on a wasabi/potato mash.

Mains - teriyaki steak and tempura broccoli, prime rib fillet marinated in teriyaki sauce, served on roasted lemon potatoes and tempura broccoli coated in pan juices.

Dessert, sake trifle, fresh fruit, sponge cake and sweet egg custard drizzled with sake and garnished with marinated cherries in jelly.

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