St George Illawarra Dragons Warwick Fan Club member Dave Carr with his autographed flag.
St George Illawarra Dragons Warwick Fan Club member Dave Carr with his autographed flag.

Dragons Den draws up suspect list

DAVE Carr has six suspects as he ponders who removed his flag from the gate to the St George Illawarra Dragons den in East Warwick soon after the 2010 NRL premiership victory.

The flag won’t be going out in the weather again as it now has a message and autograph from Dragons’ coach Wayne Bennett.

Carr used 20 rolls of red-and-white electrical tape to colour a road-sign post and the gate to the den, and put the flag on top of the gate a week before the NRL grand final after his side beat Wests Tigers 13-12.

The flag of the premiers was proudly flying opposite the former Connolly Park, where the first rugby league was played in Warwick, before it disappeared on the Saturday night Carr and wife Sally were at the Matrons’ Ball.

A Daily News story on the missing flag failed to locate it, but Carr heard from six individuals and families who wanted to join the Dragons Fan Club in Warwick.

Then, when the Carrs were at work last week, the flag reappeared on top of the fridge in the laundry of their home, with a poem about the saga.

“I am very grateful to whoever got Wayne’s signature on the flag; I would frame it for the pool room if I had one,” Carr said.

“I will go to Jim Samios to buy another flag for the club, as this one won’t be going back on the fence.

The writing from Bennett states “Dave, Thanks for your support. Best wishes, Wayne Bennett, 2010.”

“We know Wayne is busy, but would love to get him to one of our club get-togethers,” Carr said.

The king of the Dragons Fan Club in Warwick has no doubt it will come out who took the flag, secured a signature and returned it.

“It must be someone familiar with the surroundings. I thought it was a prank and looked everywhere in the long grass nearby for my flag,” Carr said.

“I have a list of six suspects from the club.”

While not all his family is as dedicated to the Dragons as Carr, he is delighted two of his four children, Jack and Ellen, are passionate Dragons.

The family has its own NRL Tipping competition each year, which Carr won this year as he always tips his team.

The off-season for the Dragons Fan Club will end in three months as the group heads to the Gold Coast to watch the away clash against the Titans.

“The true supporters are those who stick with the club even if you don’t win a premiership for 30-odd years. Our previous premiership was in 1979.”


Dear Dave

King of the St George Illawarra Dragons Fan Club

Well, I know you have been distressed since someone stole me off your fence. I was also a bit tense when he reefed me down I had a frown.

But then alas it was a friend whose cold hand did offend. He rolled me up and off we went on a trip to see a man who is the best in all the land.

When I unfurled it was revealed the man I saw his face like steel, picked up a pen and softly wrote a fitting greeting to a great bloke.

Now this great man was once a local and when told that you were vocal when yelling Go Dragons to one and all. When told of story in the paper he said that’s icing on the caper.

Now the happy endings here put me on the fence and have a beer. But beware the flag thief is a mate you might need a guard dog on my gate. Or maybe put me in a frame and sit back and watch the game, again and again and again.

Have a Happy Christmas

Your St George Flag

On behalf of the Flag Thief

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