Dreamworld victim’s husband breaks silence


THE husband of one of the Thunder River Rapids tragedy victims has delivered a damning assessment of the disaster, calling Dreamworld "a catastrophe waiting to happen".

Mathew Low, whose wife Cindy was one of four people killed on the ride, declined to talk to the mass of media assembled outside court after the findings, but on Monday afternoon in a statement said he was 'heartbroken' by the events surrounding the tragedy.

"The coronial inquest was heartbreaking to listen to as the coroner considered the gravity, scope and complexity of the disaster," he said.

"Today's findings have proven what was glaringly obvious - Dreamworld was a catastrophe waiting to happen because of their barefaced disregard for safety and maintenance.

Dreamworld victim Cindy Low.
Dreamworld victim Cindy Low.




Cindy Low’s husband Matthew.
Cindy Low’s husband Matthew.


"We are in full agreement with the Coroner, classifying Dreamworld's failure as systemic in relation to all aspects of safety. We also support the Coroner's intention to refer Dreamworld's parent company, Ardent Leisure, for possible prosecution.

"It is clear that ride maintenance, safety and emergency procedures, and a general negligent corporate culture toward training and safety caused the death of our loved ones.

"Dreamworld management failed on many levels, and it is clear Ardent Leisure has been dragging their feet on changing the way they operate this theme park. Their priority has been to maintain their image without action, to this day."

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