Water flowing at the Condamine River on Rosehill Rd.
Water flowing at the Condamine River on Rosehill Rd.

DRENCHED: Warwick to cop another whopping 100mm+ rain

Enormous rainfall totals have drenched the Southern Downs overnight, with predictions of plenty more to come today leaving the region on flash flooding alert.

Environdata's Percy Street rain gauge recorded a whopping total of 108mm from 9am on Monday through to the same time on Tuesday.

The Bureau of Meteorology's rain gauges collected 84mm in Warwick within the same time period, adding to the 29mm that hit the Rose City in the preceding week.

Killarney received 51mm, Queen Mary Falls 55mm, and Applethorpe 85mm within that same 24 hours.

Rivers and creeks have steadily risen overnight, with the Condamine River reaching 3.08m at The Head, 5.15m at Murray's Bridge, and 2.96m at Warwick.

Dalrymple Creek, Glengallan Creek, Emu Creek, and Swan Creek are all continuing to swell, but all waterways across the region remain a 'minor' or 'below minor' flood risk.

BOM meteorologist James Thompson said Southern Downs residents could expect another 50mm-100mm on Tuesday, with the higher rainfall totals dependent on whether afternoon thunderstorms developed.

"We will see the rivers rise as we're expecting some rainfall today, and we'll see (them) continue to rise probably into (Wednesday) before we see the water levels begin to make their way back down," Mr Thompson said.



WILD WEATHER: First reports of flooding reach Warwick

GALLERY: Roads closed, Warwick residents on flood watch 


The severe weather warning and flash flooding alert issued to Warwick and Granite Belt residents by BOM remains in place.

Data from Southern Downs Regional Council dated 9am on Tuesday revealed the rainfall was giving the region's dams a desperately needed boost.

Stanthorpe's Storm King Dam has risen 7.7 per cent or 160ML in the past week, with Leslie Dam and Connolly Dam also receiving minor increases at 0.43 and 0.9 per cent respectively.

Warwick State Emergency Services group leader Matthew Sondergeld urged residents to have their 'get ready' plans and emergency kits prepared, just in case the situation deteriorated.

"There's nothing urgent happening in Warwick, it's just some localised flooding. We're just doing some sandbagging jobs and general repairs to houses," he said.

"I do have a flood boat coming in from Toowoomba just to back us up, because we've got a flood boat in Sydney at the moment leaving us a vehicle down, a flood boat down, and a team down."

If you are in an emergency situation and require assistance, call triple-zero or Warwick SES on 13 25 00.

A SDRC spokeswoman said minor flash flooding has closed a significant number of roads across the region.

Find the full list of closures below:

Warwick-Killarney Road, Loch Lomond

Unnamed road on State Route 89, Glenlyon/Silver Spur

South Branch Road, Maryvale

Morey Street/Jackie Howe Drive, Warwick

Kadow Road, Clintonvale

Bourkes Road/Freestone Road, Freestone, Sladevale

West Road - National Highway 15, Stanthorpe

Emu Swamp Road - Crassick Lane, Somme

Brosnan Road - Condamine River Road, Killarney

Kirkland Road, Deuchar

Victoria Street, Warwick

New England Highway (Glengallan Creek Bridge), Mount Marshall

Stanthorpe-Texas Road, Pikedale

New England Highway (Accommodation Creek Bridge), Lyra

Warwick-Killarney Road, Wildash

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