Indian driver fled crash over fears he'd be beaten by police

AN Indian-born motorist drove off from the scene of an accident in East Ipswich because he feared he would be "beaten up by police".

Police prosecutor Sergeant Jo Colston told Ipswich Magistrates Court Sahil Kumar had collided with another car at an intersection on August 16.

Kumar had allegedly failed to give way at the intersection which caused the minor traffic accident.

Sgt Colston said the 21-year-old lost his rear bumper in the collision and fled the scene without any attempt to stop and exchange details with the other driver. His vehicle was located by police the following day when Kumar confessed to being involved in the incident.


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When asked why he didn't stop, Kumar said he was afraid he would be beaten up by the other driver and by police because that was what sometimes happened in his native country.

He pleaded guilty to failing to give way to a vehicle when turning at an intersection, and failing to comply with the duties of a driver involved in a crash.

Magistrate Barry Cosgrove said it was important Kumar obeyed the traffic laws when involved in an accident.

"In Australia if you have an accident you must stop and exchange your details with the other driver," he said.

"If someone is injured or if there is very serious damage, the police need to be called. You don't leave the scene of an accident - that is an offence"

Kumar was fined $440 for failing to exchange his details and convicted and fined $330 for failing to give way.


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