Drivers in for more delays

THE stop-go controllers are back at the Gap today, and so are the impatient drivers.

Many enjoyed the free flow of traffic through Cunningham's Gap during the Christmas period, including local businesses, but drivers are now being urged to respect the roadworkers as they resume work.

Owner of Bestbrook Mountain Resort, located near the Gap, Elise Wilson said her guests had been thrilled with the smooth sailing the past few weeks.

"People have commented about it quite a bit, saying it's been good not having to stop because it can add another 20 minutes onto your trip," Ms Wilson said.

She said the delays in the area had affected business, but not drastically.

"People aren't stopping in as much. If you are stopped up the road, you're hardly going to stop when you finally get through the roadworks," Ms Wilson said.

"We haven't had as many bus tours come through.

"I think they would be seeking alternative routes with all the roadworks going on," she said.

Since February, the delays have put people off travelling through the Gap.

"At some stages, people were waiting a few hours, like if a rock fell on the road or something, and hearing that I think would probably put people off," Ms Wilson said.

"And someone said it took an hour to get from Aratula to here so that puts people off too."

Although stop-go conditions resume today, the real work will begin in February, with the project set to stretch out until the end of June.

Ms Wilson said although she could not confirm, she had suspicions the road would be open during the next stage of development.

"We have the pleasure of having some of the workers stay here, so we are kept pretty in the loop, but I don't think there will be stop-go men so hopefully one road will be open," she said.

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