Drug binge thief left a trail of woe

FUELLED by speed and ice, Liam Daumann just kept on stealing.

His relentless invasions of construction sites led to a $107,000 theft and damages bill.

The trail spread across suburbs west, north and south of Brisbane. The cost to business operators whose equipment was stolen or damaged will never be repaid.

The thefts included a Mack tip truck with an excavator and skid-steer loader on the back.

In the Crown prosecution case before Ipswich District Court, Liam Mathew Daumann, 23, pleaded guilty to more than 20 charges including nine counts of receiving tainted property; three counts of receiving stolen property; seven counts of unlawful use of motor vehicles used to commit offences; six counts of entering premises by break; three counts of stealing; dangerous operation of a motor vehicle; entering premises to commit an offence; fail to stop; wilful damage offences, and bail breaches.

Daumann was chased down by police when spotted at Springfield Central behind the wheel of a tip truck that was stolen from Ormeau.

With a stolen Caterpillar loader on the back of the truck, Daumann was pursued into a forest and arrested on July 28, 2017.

Crown prosecutor Evan O'Hanlon-Rose said Daumann had the drug ice and MDMA on him. He had already been disqualified from driving for 12 years.

Daumann was arrested on July 28 and his parole for previous offences was suspended, resulting in him spending 15 ½ months in jail.

The Crown case stated that 45 offences had been committed in "a spree" lasting 20 months. Many goods were found at his property after his arrest.

Mr O'Hanlon-Rose said thefts included a skid-steer loader, cement mixer and vehicles including a Toyota Hilux, and a Mack with an excavator.

Daumann also stole a Nissan tipper ute and sold it for $10,000.

"He says he was on a drug binge," Mr O'Hanlon Rose said.

"He targeted construction sites and big ticket items."

In one robbery at Rocklea, a female employee tried to stop Daumann loading up and stealing a shipping container. The employee drove and parked her car at a gate to block him but he drove into it and got away.

Police also came across a damaged Hilux ute that was stolen. It was loaded on to a tow truck and Daumann's DNA was found inside.

The Crown sought a jail sentence of between four and six years, with a parole eligibility after 20 months.

Mr O'Hanlon Rose said "we can't ignore the scale of the loss in this case".

The damages and loss bill includes a shipping container and contents valued at $40,800, and 300kg of copper wiring worth $4000 that was stolen from Redland Bay.

Defence barrister Scott Neaves said a four-year jail sentence was appropriate, and given Daumann had already served 15 ½ months, the sentence could be suspended with a probation order.

Mr Neaves said Daumann was working in the jail and his crimes were committed "while in the heat of drug addiction".

"He instructs he was using a gram of ice daily; a significant amount," Mr Neaves said.

"It changed him. A drug binge that lasted a couple of years."

Daumann attended school at Kingston and was familiar with machinery as his father ran an earthmoving business. He now intends to obtain formal qualification to drive machinery.

Judge Dennis Lynch said he was going to take a chance on Daumann, as he believed he was genuine in his intentions to change his attitude.

He said Daumann would be released from jail but with strict conditions.

He warned Daumann that people had be responsible for their lives and so far he had not.

"So far all you have done is drown in your own misfortune, wallow around using drugs," he said.

"It has caused a huge loss to people who have had their livelihoods interrupted because of the loss.

"If you have got problems, deal with them. If you don't help yourself, you will be back here."

"I completely understand, your Honour," Daumann said from the dock.

Judge Lynch said while four years was an appropriate sentence, he would take into account an earlier sentence imposed by the magistrates court.

Daumann was sentenced to three years' jail, to be suspended immediately. He will be supervised under a three-year probation order.

The sentence included 50 days' jail for an offence of failing to stop.

He was not immediately released from custody because of an outstanding matter before the court.


Crime Spree

July 28, 2017. Daumann's crime spree ends. Fails to stop when driving a stolen truck. Is arrested in a forest and found with drugs.

July 2017. Enters Gold Coast City Council site and steals goods from a shipping container.

July 2017. Steals appliances from Upper Coomera.

July 2017. Steals a vehicle, a Toyota Hilux from Carole Park.

July 2017. Steals copper wiring valued at $4000 from Redland Bay.

July 2017. Receives tainted property - stolen registration plates.

July 2017. Enters premises by break at All Plumbing and Gas. Steals goods from a locked shipping container.

July 2017. Receives tools/items stolen from Multi Span Australia at Wacol.

July 2017. Receives items stolen from DMN Holdings.

July 2017. Steals a wacker-packer, Quick Cat, chainsaw, hand tools, Caterpillar loader from a Yatala work site.

July 2017. Enters a construction site at Acacia Ridge and steals items from a water truck and a CAT skid-loader.

July 2017. Receives a Nissan tipper stolen from a construction site at Waterford. It is used in a fuel drive-off. A stolen skid-loader is sold for $10,000.

July 2017. Receives an excavator bucket, rock-breaker, excavator mud bucket, mini-excavator bucket, digging bucket, concrete cutter and welder stolen from a DLM Holdings Pty construction site at Darra.

June 2017. Steals machinery and tools from Naturform.

June 2017. Enters a construction site at Tamborine Mountain and damages an ignition barrel of an excavator. Steals a rock grabber and excavator bucket.

June 2017. A tip truck is stolen from Ormeau. Daumann arrested in July when driving it.

May 2017. He receives a mower stolen from Souths Sunnybank Rugby League Club.

April 2017. Receives and unlawfully uses a Toyota Landcruiser stolen from a caryard at Staplyton.

March 2017. Receives a Toyota Hilux stolen from Precast Concrete.

March 2017. Receives a cement mixer and air compressor stolen from a landscaper at Willawong.

March 2017. Wilfully damages a fence at a Penzar Civil site. Damages a car when an employee tries to block his escape.

March 2017. Steals a white Isuzu truck from a Richlands construction site. It is used to enter a Rocklea construction site where a shipping container is loaded and driven away although a worker did try to stop it.

February 2017. Two counts of wilful damage at S&W Plant Hire where machinery was broken into and registration plates stolen.

February 2017. Receives an air-conditioner, First Aid kit, a snake bite kit and fire extinguisher stolen from Wacol - value $1734.

Between November 2015 and July 2017 receives a stolen excavator and tools that were stolen from Godden Landscaping at Meadowbank valued at $55,000.

November 2016. He cuts wires and enters a Marsden construction site. Steals a Mack tip truck with an excavator and skid steer on the rear. It is later involved in an accident and Daumann's fingerprints found inside.

September 2016. Receives a Hilux ute, full boar compressor, lifting links and heavy industrial blades stolen from Wanless Machinery at Coopers Plains.

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