‘Drug grubs’: Teen caught with syringes, cosmetics

KEEP AWAY from the "drug grubs... and their sad grubby existence": convicted teen drug user Eleisha Johnson got a strong warning from a Gladstone magistrate after she spent 16 days in jail.

"Being a drug user is a very sad grubby existence," magistrate Jeffrey Clarke told Johnson when she appeared in custody before him from jail via video link.

Johnson, 19, pleaded guilty to a series of drug and other charges and was resentenced on previous crimes after new offences of breaching probation and failing to report to police in April and May while on bail for new offences.


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Eleisha Johnson gets a spray from the Gladstone magistrate.
Eleisha Johnson gets a spray from the Gladstone magistrate.

Johnson pleaded to stealing $112 worth of cosmetics from a Clinton chemist on March 31 and last December; and in February at Rockhampton to having property (mobile phone) and utensils (pipe) used in drug offences; and failing to properly dispose of a needle and syringe.

At the time of the new offences Johnson was on nine months supervised probation after she pleaded guilty in December to possession of 1.8grams of ice found at her boyfriend's house in August 2015; and obstruction of police. Lawyer Jun Pepito said the 16 days spent in custody had taught her a valuable lesson after she failed to report while on bail.

"It has given her time to reflect on her behaviour. She doesn't want to go back there, 16 days is enough for her.

"Drugs seem to be the problem," he said.

Mr Clarke said to Johnson it was very sad to see a young person who faces the prospect of being in prison.

"You ignored the probation order and you continued your drug use," Mr Clarke said.

After saying she had been hanging around with grubby people who used drugs, Mr Clarke said such people are not her friends but only used her in any way they could.

"You must decide whether you want to waste your life in prison or turn your back and make a fresh start, and strive to remove yourself from drugs," he said.

"You are nodding your head. We all see nodding heads in the justice system but it is up to you to change, or whether the pull of drugs is too strong.

"You have already run out of chances, at this young age it is very sad." Johnson was sentenced to 18 months probation and ordered a total prohibition for her to use any illicit dangerous drugs.

Johnson assured the court she was now willing to complete probation this time. Her probation for the previous offences was revoked and Johnson was placed on an 18 month probation order for those as well.

Johnson is subject to random urine tests and Mr Clarke warned that she had now burned her bridges and if any tests prove positive to drugs she will be jailed.

Fined $450, Johnson was ordered to pay $112 compensation to the chemist.

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