Stanthorpe police were kept busy over the holiday season.
Stanthorpe police were kept busy over the holiday season. FILE

Drugs, drink driving and burglary among festive offences

While Stanthorpe Police have generally been happy with the way people have conducted themselves over the holiday period, there were still a number of occurrences marring the festivities and spirit of the Christmas season.

Stolen car

BETWEEN 2.30am and 10.30am Christmas morning, an unlocked Commodore sedan was stolen from outside its Lock St residence. The vehicle was found later that morning in a damaged condition; crashed up against a tree in Cannon Creek Rd. An unsuccessful attempt had been made to burn the vehicle out.

While investigations into this matter are continuing, local Police are extremely frustrated that the message doesn't seem to be sinking in that people need to take responsibility and lock and secure their own homes and vehicles as much as reasonably possible. In this instance, not only was the car unlocked while parked out on the roadside, but the young male owner had made it that much easier by leaving a spare ignition key in the console.

Unholy damage

OVERNIGHT damage to a glass display and religious statue outside St Joseph's Church, High St, was reported on December 28.

A 22-year-old man from The Summit was given notice to appear for wilful damage and trespass upon school grounds.

Police alleged alcohol was a major contributing factor to the behaviour of the man and the group in this instance, having only just been refused entry to a nearby hotel because of their behaviour.

Drink driver

POLICE were called to a single-vehicle crash on Television Dr, Passchendaele at 10am December 28. The male driver, an 18-year-old Stanthorpe man, was uninjured. He was charged with drink driving after returning a roadside reading of 0.057. He was immediately suspended and is due to face court this month.

Unlicensed driver

POLICE intercepted a vehicle on Denham St, Stanthorpe at 1am December 29. The vehicle had been observed being driven in a suspicious manner. A Hervey Bay girl, 17, was served with a notice to appear for disqualified driving, driving unregistered vehicle, driving uninsured vehicle and driving vehicle carrying false plates. Her male companion, 29, was arrested and charged with unlicensed driving, driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle and possession of tainted property in relation to the false registration plates. The male was kept in custody and transported to Toowoomba on the basis of a previously-issued Magistrates Court fail to appear warrant.

Ute, truck collide

POLICE attended a two-vehicle crash on the corner of Lock and Davadi Sts at 6pm December 29 after a utility travelling on Lock St failed to give way at a stop sign and collided into the side of a dump truck travelling along Davadi St. Both drivers were uninjured. While there was only minor damage to the truck, the utility sustained major damage to its front end and required tow from the scene. The male driver of the ute, 43, was issued a traffic infringement notice for failing to give way at a stop sign.

Drug driver

POLICE were patrolling the Applethorpe area at 9.50pm on New Year's Eve when they detected a vehicle taking a side-street out of the McDonald's carpark. Initial attempts to intercept the vehicle were unsuccessful when the driver tried to flee from police. The car was eventually stopped in Old Caves Rd and the driver, a 20-year-old old Stanthorpe woman, was found to be unlicensed and driving with a drug in her system. She was charged with these offences and evading police and is due to appear in the Stanthorpe Magistrates Court.

Street disturbance

OFFICERS observed a disturbance between a man and security officers outside a High St hotel at 2.30am January 1. Police intervened and the male was directed to leave the area to prevent further conflict. When he refused to comply with the lawful order, the 20-year-old old Pottsville, NSW man was arrested and charged with contravening a direction.


A BURGLARY was committed upon a backpacker's residence in Folkestone St, Stanthorpe 3 and 8am January 1. It appeared after a number of the occupants had gone to work early in the morning, the offender entered through a closed but unlocked front door, helping himself to an amount of personal property inside the place.

Man deported

POLICE intercepted a vehicle in High St at 9.30pm January 1. The Malaysian National male, 26, was found to be using a false name and had produced a false licence as he had overstayed his visa. He was arrested and transported to Toowoomba, where he was later collected by Border Force Authorities pending deportation.

Drugs seized

DETECTIVES executed a search warrant at a Sugarloaf Rd home on Monday, January 2. Police located and seized a number of maturing cannabis plants, a quantity of dried cannabis and smoking utensils. Two Stanthorpe men, 22 and 23, were charged with producing and possessing a dangerous drug and will front Stanthorpe Magistrates Court.

In all, Stanthorpe Officers would like to wish the local community a happy and prosperous 2017. We would continue to urge people to lock and secure their homes and vehicles as much as possible, even when home. We would similarly like to urge people to drive to the conditions, drive responsibly and drive safely whenever on the road.

- Acting Senior Sergeant Damian Grace

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