Christmas in jail for drunk who stabbed girlfriend in leg

A MAN who plunged a knife into his girlfriend's leg during a drunken rage will spend Christmas behind bars after being jailed for two months.

Matthew Keith Cullen stabbed the woman while she was driving him to get more alcohol on the evening of February 5.

The Warwick District Court yesterday heard Cullen consumed a carton of beer before placing the couple's young son in the car.

He then directed his partner to get into the car and threatened to drive off with the child if she didn't comply with his request.

When the couple arrived at a closed bottle shop, Cullen slapped the woman and held a knife to his own throat, threatening to slash it.

He also threatened to stab the woman if she got out of the car.

The woman this week retracted parts of her original statement, which claimed he had also punched her and held the knife to her own throat.

Shortly after being slapped, the woman felt a "sharp pain" in her leg, which came as Cullen stabbed her with the knife.

The victim suffered a wound of about 2cm, which required five stitches.

The court heard Cullen had said "I don't know why you make me do stuff like that" after stabbing the woman.

The 31-year-old and the woman are no longer a couple.

Cullen pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and assault and was sentenced to 18 months jail, to be suspended after serving 56 days.

The Millmerran man was supported in the court room by his mother, who broke down into tears as the sentence was read out to the court. He will be released on January 13.

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