Alex Glenn has not ruled out a move to the Titans.
Alex Glenn has not ruled out a move to the Titans. DARREN ENGLAND

Durkin: Who needs Glenn more?

I DOUBT I've read a more overt job application than the one penned by fellow journalist Brent Read in Tuesday's News Corp publications.

For those who did not read the article, it related to veteran Broncos back-rower Alex Glenn who makes his 254th appearance for the Broncos against the Titans on Saturday afternoon.

Glenn was - and in a not-too-subtle manner - flying a kite about the possibility of him joining the Gold Coast-based franchise from next season.

And while, as a Broncos supporter, I would be disappointed to see him leave Red Hill, Glenn is exactly the type of player - and person - the struggling Titans need.

In my three-decade association with the Brisbane club I can honestly say the Broncos have had few more loyal servants or a better bloke on their roster than Glenn.

He desperately wants to stay at the Broncos, the club he joined from school in 2008.

And he would treasure nothing more than to become just the fourth Bronco - alongside Darren Lockyer, Corey Parker and Sam Thaiday - to play 300 NRL games for the club.

Glenn is a true professional on the field and off.
Glenn is a true professional on the field and off. DARREN ENGLAND

But apart from being an outstanding player, a wonderful club man and a model citizen, Glenn is a realist.

Off contract at the end of this season, he understands better than anyone the quality of the talented group of forwards currently in the Broncos system.

Payne Haas has signed until the end of 2024, Matt Gillett, Matthew Lodge, Patrick Carrigan and Joe Ofahengaue until the end of 2022 and David Fifita and Tom Flegler are there at least until the end of next season.

So the question remains - is there room in the roster, and the in the salary cap, for Glenn, who turns 31 next Wednesday?

Possibly not, but with the degree of forward experience gone in the past 12 months - cue Sam Thaiday, Josh McGuire and Korbin Sims - can the Broncos afford to lose another leader?

And can they afford to bid farewell to a player whose middle names should be 'Club Culture'?

Glenn's experience is invaluable.
Glenn's experience is invaluable. DARREN ENGLAND

That assessment is looking at the state of affairs from the viewpoint of the Broncos.

But if I was at the Titans, I would be looking at the Glenn article as nothing less than a 'kite-flyer' from the back-rower, particularly as his home is on the Golf Coast.

And, if the Titans are fair dinkum about recruiting the right people to bring a tough, competitive edge to their roster, as well as a model citizen, then Glenn is their man.

Just as importantly though, his words give the distinct impression he would relish the challenge of being involved in what is a much-needed resurrection at the Titans.

And while he speaks of his ethics with maturity and self-confidence, in his case this should not be misconstrued as boasting.

"I have strong values on respect, honesty and hard work. I know what I could bring to a team and I could add much to the Titans," he said.

That, he sure could. And no NRL club needs that injection more than the Titans, who are on the brink.

The question now is which club needs him more - the Broncos or the Titans?

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