Easter prime time for thieves

MANY people jump at the opportunity to go away at Easter and other holiday periods as relaxation is often too good to resist.

However, this notion can be often overlooked when homes are hit by thieves while families are holidaying at the beach or camping by a mountainside stream.

A house left empty for a long period of time is a prime target for burglars.

According to recent statistics, roughly one in five Australian households is a victim of household crime.

More than 33 per cent of these are victims on more than one occasion within a 12 month period.

Leaving the home unattended during the holiday period combined with carelessness when it comes to securing your property creates the perfect prime time for burglars to enter your home unnoticed.

Statistics further show that 50 per cent of all burglaries occur when a house or flat residence is unattended and 30 per cent of break and enters start with an unlocked window or unsecure fitting.

If you are planning to go away over Easter and wish to leave a window or door open for ventilation purposes, consider installing a security door or Crim Safe screening that complies with Australian standards 2803.1 and 2804.

A good quality one should have the certifying label clearly displayed on the door, including a heavy duty frame, three security hinges, a deadlock and be of seven millimetre mesh (if aluminium) or 10-12 millimetre square bars if steel.

Keep it locked at all times even when you are at home.

Automatic timers are a great resource for preventing break-ins while you are away and saves relatives or neighbours having to help you out.

These wonderful inventions can be used to turn lights on and off both inside and outside the house to give the impression someone is at home that is a useful deterrent to burglars.

To any thief observing your home, it is more natural to see lights turn on and off in various rooms at different times, including bathroom lights all through the night.

Windows with double hung sashes can be easily protected with key lockable bolt action systems from Lockwood.

Whitco also offers a keyed sash on the market that takes place of normal level fasteners.

For sliding windows, there is a special bolt designed to block any movement and stop thieves removing the entire frame.

They have a design advantage over glass louvres that pose a security problem as they are easier to break, especially at ground level.

Some experts recommend to counterattack this problem by investing in a security grill or by removing them altogether.

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