Fugitive on run for 8 years is extradited from Toowoomba

FOR a bloke on the run from interstate police for eight years, Dale Kennedy certainly had his problems with modern transportation.

The 45-year-old had had an outstanding warrant for his arrest issued by the Lismore court in February 2009 on charges including aggravated break-and-enter and stalking.

He remained at large until found in Toowoomba at the weekend and taken into custody.

Two New South Wales police detectives were in Toowoomba yesterday to make an application before the city's Magistrates Court for Kennedy's extradition back to Lismore.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Al Windsor told the court Kennedy had a notice to appear in the Toowoomba court on March 21 on charges of wilful damage, public nuisance and drunk and disorderly, but the Queensland Police Service didn't object to his being extradited back to New South Wales.

Kennedy, who represented himself in court from the prisoner's dock, objected to the extradition application.

Asked by Magistrate Damian Carroll why he challenged the warrant, Kennedy replied: "Because of my mental health and I'm scared of flying.

"And, the Lord said there was no need for me to go down there."

Mr Carroll asked the New South Wales detectives if they intended flying the prisoner back to New South Wales or travelling by road.

When Detective Senior Constable Peter O'Reilly replied that they would be driving back to Lismore, Kennedy interjected in protest with: "I get car sick!"

However, after Mr Carroll intimated he was inclined to grant the application for extradition, Kennedy said he would not object to the application provided the detectives stopped along the way back to Lismore so he could have a cigarette.

The prisoner then applied for bail, which Mr Carroll refused and remanded him into the custody of Det. Snr Sgt O'Reilly, who Kennedy referred to as "Nickname, Winfield Blue".

Kennedy was expected to appear in the Lismore court yesterday afternoon . . . cigarette breaks and car sickness providing.

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