Emotional win for straight shooter Bartley

 Bartley, Paul Reid and Ross Henzell after winning fridges in the Robin Loy Memorial Shoot yesterday.
Bartley, Paul Reid and Ross Henzell after winning fridges in the Robin Loy Memorial Shoot yesterday. Gerard Walsh

AFTER giving away the fridge he won after victory in the inaugural Robin Loy Memorial Shoot at the Warwick Clay Target Club in 2010, Ross Bartley is definitely keeping the fridge he won yesterday.

"I gave the first fridge to my son Jarrid and it has been to Western Australia and back," Bartley said.

Four Engel camping fridges were given away to the winners of the four grades in the Robin Loy Memorial Shoot and Bartley won AA-grade in a shoot-off from fellow Warwick shooter Ray Squires.

"I scored the same as last time - 53/60 - but had to win a shootoff this year," Bartley said.

In the shootoff, Bartley shot 19/20 to win by two.

Bartley said winning the memorial shoot was special as he went on his first pig shooting expedition with Robin.

"I introduced him to clay target shooting when he found me practicing shooting with Dougie and Cameron Campbell in 1972," Bartley said.

"Robin bought a gun the following week and joined the club. It is a bit emotional to win this shoot."

After the death of Robin Loy in February, 2009, the memorial shoot was started the following year.

Bartley has now won two of the four shoots in AA.

Fellow Warwick shooter Paul Reid won C-grade and said the fridge would come in handy as he loved fishing and hunting.

"I have been a shooter at the clay target club on and off for 15 years," he said.

Brisbane pair Klinton Hope and Ross Henzell won the other grades.

Hope travels to Warwick to the memorial shoot once a year because he knew Robin and his father Greg Hope went to school with Robin in Warwick.

The AA-grade for double barrel is for the Bryce Fett Memorial Shield which was won by Warwick shooter Cameron Schoenfisch.

"This is my first shield win," Schoenfisch said.



Graham Stevens Windscreens Double Barrel


1 Cameron Schoenfisch 34/34

2 Michael Loy 33/34


1 Kylie Green 34/34

2 Robert Deans 33/34


1 Terry Heslin 41/42

2 Greg Hope 40/42


1 Rod Crossman 22/25

2 Paul Reid 23/27

Warwick Tackle and Tusk Pro-Tactical


1 Ray Brown 86/87

2 Cameron Schoenfisch 85/87


1 Mickey Loy 70/75

2 Kylie Belford 69/75


1 Greg Hope 71/75

2 Daniel Green 79/84


1 Andrew Mauch 63/75

2 Mitchell Gimm 62/75

Robin Loy Memorial Double Rise


1 Ross Bartley 72/80

2 Ray Squires 70/80


1 Klinton Hope 49/60

2 Kylie Green 53/70


1 Ross Henzell 48/60

2 Terry Heslin 45/60


1 Paul Reid 41/60

2 Rod Crossman 39/60

Encouragement award  - Greg Watson.

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