Enthusiastic debaters relish rivalry

“SHOULD TV advertising be banned?”

The Year 7 students at St Mary's Primary School debated the merits of TV advertising on the last day of term before the school holidays.

Teacher Chris Hamilton said her 7H class debated against fellow teacher Mary Rutledge's 7R class in the team finals.

“It was a close competition,” Mrs Hamilton said.

“Every child in the class got a chance to debate and, based on their individual performances, they were selected to be in the finals.

“We have been debating since 1986. It's a tradition here at St Mary's.”

Student Darcy Williamson said the debating competition demonstrated the importance of working together as a team.

“All members of the class worked and prepared for the debate together,” Darcy said.

“It's good to have an argument and not be aggressive about it.

“There was lot of friendly rivalry among the teams.”

He said the students had a week to prepare for the debate.

Student Caitlin Jordan said it was difficult to argue convincingly when her personal beliefs contradicted her assigned argument.

“I think TV advertising should be banned because it's boring and repetitive but I had to say it shouldn't be banned,” Caitlin said.

“I really wanted to try debating; it was to do with more than winning.”

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