Event not the place for News Daily attack

I AM disappointed at the comments made by Mayor Peter Blundell at Tuesday night's Business Network of Warwick event. 

I am an adamant supporter of freedom of speech but with that comes responsibility.  

The use of a non-political, council-sponsored networking event for political point scoring and direct attacks on Warwick Daily News staff is unacceptable from someone holding the highest ranking position on Southern Downs Regional Council.

NOW was created to "bring the local businesses in the Southern Downs region together for networking events, business discussions and friendship".    

While not at the event due to other commitments, I have had numerous phone calls and emails from business owners shocked at the comments directed at reporter Jayden Brown.  

Across the Southern Downs I have performed the role of master of ceremonies at events like the Warwick Cup and Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting, and I regularly act as guest speaker at community and sporting events.

Not once have I considered taking a direct shot at other businesses or organisations.   

This is a common professional courtesy that anyone in public life should know and embrace.

If Cr Blundell has a problem with the conduct of the Daily News there are various avenues at his disposal including calling me direct, which I can't recall happening once in my nine months in this position.   

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