BIG LIST: Warwick Magistrates Court appearances for today

Here is a list of everyone appearing in Magistrates Court today:

Justin Kenneth Fackler

Emma Kate Cameron

Kelly Marie Dau

Anthony Wayne Brown

Joanne Waterhouse

Cassidy Robert Ryan

Michael John Morgan

Michael Ross

Marshall Leslie Leisha

William Patrick Locke

Nathan Thomas Yeo

Matilda Rose Dendle

Damian John Bell

Benjamin John Grogan

Letetia Dempsey Hockley

Sara Jane Shepherd

Elissa Patricia Harvey

Keren Alana Sives-Hill

Holly Jade Mcgrath

Nicholas Aaron Connell

Lee Ian Popp

Daniel Patrick James Markey

Amy-Louise Courtney Lorkin

Andrew Batman Howard

Dale Derrick

Bradley Alan Glancy

Daniel Thomas Goldsmith

Cassandra Lea Young

Murphy Lee Brown

Catherine Allen

Peter Andrew Feyaerts

Timothy James Gleeson

Katherine Jean Fleming

Jeffrey Prow

Kyle Jayden Trihey

Sean Robert William Johnson

David Louis Edward Mulliss

Donna Maree Shields

Scott Richard Allen

Brendon Clay Giffin

Carroll Isobel Stokes

Grant William May

Matthew Rodney Crothers

Paul David Macginley

Crystal Rose O'Dempsey

Ricky Scot Bradford

Caleb Victor Frank Collins

Aimee Pearl Haynes

Brett Robert Smith

Steven James Mcintosh

Clinton James Bormolini

Robert James Crummy

Megan Rose Fackender

Jessee Ann Brook

Anita Margaret Felmingham

Ethan Samuel Webb

Adrian George Quirke

Luke Isaac Heath

Natalie-May Pugh

Cloie Ann Tickner-O'Keefe

Corey John Coombes

Mark Andrew Taylor

Originally published as Everybody appearing at Warwick Magistrates Court, Wednesday, October 28

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