New magistrate unmoved by criminal's excuses

A MAN with an extensive criminal history tested the magistrate's patience, when he tried to explain away a violent attack on his fiancee.

The Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday heard the couple was walking along Lyons St last Saturday evening when an argument started.

Witnesses told police the man was screaming expletives at the woman and threatening to kill her.

Police Prosecutor Ken Wiggan told the court the man, who cannot be named, then attempted to kick the woman in the head but she was able to block his foot with her arm.

She suffered minor injuries to her hand and finger.

Witnesses called police - despite the woman asking them not to - and when they arrived, the man continued his aggressive behaviour.

"He shaped up to police and said 'Why don't you tase (taser) me, you f--- dog'," Sergeant Wiggan said.

He then refused police orders to put his hands behind his back and had to be forcibly handcuffed, spitting at the ground near officers as he was placed inside the police vehicle.

The man told the court he had forgotten to take his anti-depressants that morning and got drunk, which led to his explosive behaviour.

In pleading guilty, he added he had since organised counselling for mental health and drug and alcohol issues.

But Magistrate Bevan Manthey, it seemed, wasn't buying it.

"That's all right but I have four pages of history here - what are your other excuses?

"It gets to a point where the court says 'it's crap - it's all crap'," he said.

Mr Manthey said the offences were in breach of a domestic violence order issued against the man back in June and said jail was the only option.

"It's unacceptable, it's cowardly and the courts must send a message to people like you who breach these orders," he said.

The man was sentenced to three months in jail, but was released on immediate parole.

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