‘F*** the police’: Protesters block street after jail death


A group of about 30 police have made several arrests at a protest that is being staged outside Police Headquarters in Brisbane.  

  A group of about 100 Black Lives Matter protestors blocked busy Roma St in the CBD, scuffling with police as a number of arrests were made.    

The protest comes after a woman died in the Brisbane City Watchhouse on Thursday.  

  "An Aboriginal woman died in police custody and police haven't explained why or how," Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri said at the protest. "They haven't released footage from the cell.  

  "Residents were protesting peacefully, spaced out safely, and without warning or negotiation police started arresting people, turning a safe situation into a tense one."

A protest has been staged outside Police Headquarters in Brisbane.
A protest has been staged outside Police Headquarters in Brisbane.

The protesters swarmed a police car, with Mr Sri among the group as the scene intensified, with the group calling for police to "let them (the arrested protesters) go."  

  Police pushed through protestors to escort a police van carrying an arrested proteser. 

There were several altercations but the van eventually moved through.    

No one was seriously injured in any of the altercations.    

Chants of "racist dogs", "murderers" and "white supremacists" were yelled at police as the protestors moved from the area towards Fortitude Valley, splitting into two groups, before more arrests were made.

 Multiple scuffles broke out on Roma Street as police arrested at least two protestors as they blocked police multiple police vans.    

Police are investigating whether the woman's death was the result of a medical incident. It is understood she suffered from medical conditions.    

The protestors were chanting: "F*** the police", "blood on your hands" and "black lives matter".    

"This murdering genocidal institution has blood on their hands," one person shouted to the group.    

Serial climate protestors Emma Dorge and Alice Wicks were also seen in the crowd.     

Earlier this morning protesters with red paint on their hands marked the Queensland Police Headquarters sign with handprints, signifying the QPS "has blood on their hands."    

One female speaker told of the moment in 1994 when she, along with what she estimates was thousands of protesters, marched the same streets the protesters walked today.    

She said back 26 years ago, there was violence at the protest.  

  However today, she said she hoped the community could remember the law of the Aboriginal people and remain peaceful.    

All protesters then took a knee on the road outside police headquarters, in solidarity of the woman who died in watch house custody.  

  They then left QPS headquarters and marched around to the back of the Brisbane Watch House., chanting "blood on your hands".

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