Embryologist adding sperm to egg in laboratory.
Embryologist adding sperm to egg in laboratory. Cathy Yeulet

'Be my sperm donor': Woman's Facebook search for a father

IT'S not uncommon to see requests for free furniture or a helping hand posted on social media, but how about a call out for sperm?

One Coast woman has done exactly that, turning to Facebook to make the rather unorthodox request.

The post made in a popular community group read "MALES I NEED YOUR HELP! I'm looking for a sperm donor."

It went on to list a specific set of qualities required from the donor which demanded the male to be "tanned, fit/athletic build with green or blue eyes".

Speaking with the Daily, the Caloundra woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said she desperately wanted to have a baby and thought the Facebook post would be the quickest way to acquire a donor.

"I have wanted kids since I was a kid and I have wanted them really badly for the last few years and have persisted with trying to find Mr Right," she said.

"But I haven't had any luck and to be honest I'm over waiting.

"I put the post up as there may be guys who are willing to help but they may not know how or where to go."

She said she had only been searching for the past month but an Australia-wide shortage of donors meant she was having trouble moving the process along.

"My issue has been finding someone on the Coast as this is going to be a costly adventure and I don't want to be spending a lot on travel," she said.

"Also from what I have read so far it's better for the female to be inseminated in a comfortable place which is usually at home or through the clinic she feels comfortable at."


A Coast woman has posted a call out for a sperm donor on a Facebook page.
A Coast woman has posted a call out for a sperm donor on a Facebook page. Contributed

She said she had received a few responses to the Facebook post, some more genuine than others.

"I still want to get to know the guy so that in the future I can see where my child gets their traits from," she said.

"The other option is you can go to one of the many clinics and choose from their donor bank, but I personally want to know the person.

"There is so much you can learn from having a conversation with them that you won't get from a few forms filled out."

There are laws and regulations in Australia that control the process of sperm donation.

According to the the Queensland Fertility Group: "At registration of the birth of a child resulting from donor semen, the recipient is registered as the legal parent. Under Australian law, the sperm donor has no legal or financial responsibilities to the child, the mother, or the couple - now or in the future."

It is also illegal to be paid for the donation of sperm.

For more information about sperm donation visit Queensland Fertility Group at www.qfg.com.au.

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