Nervous wait over MDA sentence

A CAIRNS family has a nervous wait overnight while a judge decides the fate of their son for possessing more than 1000 pills of MDA.

Zak John Castini, 24, pleaded guilty in Cairns Supreme Court yesterday to possessing the dangerous drug.

The court heard officers found the pills in a satchel bag when they raided his residence in 2016.

He has been remanded into custody overnight while Justice Jim Henry mulls over a sentence.

Crown prosecutor Jodie Crane alleged the stash had a commercial purpose "purely by the sheer quantity."

Ms Crane told the court the tablets were likely to be sold as ecstasy for $20-$50 each, with a potential value of up to $50,000.

She said the defendant insisted to police he did not own the drugs.

"He told the police he found the MDA tablets in his car that day at 4pm," Ms Crane said,

Police also found five methylamphetamine/MDA tablets, scales by the bedside table and a cryovac machine in the kitchen.

Mike Dalton, defending, said the former apprentice mechanic began to use substances recreationally until the breakdown of a serious relationship.

"He has been a social user of drugs from 18," Mr Dalton said.

"It then got to the point where he was smoking before work - it became readily apparent to his employer - he was ultimately outed by his mother."

Justice Henry said he needed to consider the sentence overnight.

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