Father cops $1150 drug fine

A WARWICK man who had a number of primary school-aged children at his home during a raid where police uncovered drugs has been slapped with a hefty fine after pleading to a number of drug-related offences.

Father-of-four Mitchell Keith Deegan, 29, appeared in Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday charged with possessing dangerous drugs and utensils, possessing property suspected of having been used in the commission of a drug offence and contravening a police direction.

The court heard the police executed a search warrant at a Dragon St property – which it was heard “smelled strongly” of marijuana – at around 3.30pm on June 23 and observed Deegan placing a bong in the fridge.

Shortly after, Deegan retrieved the bong from the fridge and police noticed it was “freshly packed” with marijuana.

Deegan also produced two clip seal bags from his pocket, which collectively held 4g of cannabis.

During the search police also seized a mobile phone, in which they observed a number of text messages which the police prosecutor said appeared to relate to the supply of a dangerous drug.

He said several messages received on the phone asked to “tick” – slang for purchasing drugs on credit – $50 or $200.

The police prosecutor said one of the messages sent from the phone said he could “probably do a 50 on tick when we get back from the coast”.

Defence counsel for the man said the messages didn't belong to Deegan and other people had access to the phone.

In sentencing Magistrate Thacker acknowledged this was not Deegan's first time before the courts for drug-related matters and suggested he clear out his home or risk being unable to father his children.

Deegan was issued with an $1150 fine for the four offences and the mobile phone in question was forfeited for destruction. No conviction was recorded.

Co-accused Mitchell John Keating also appeared in court yesterday after he was found to be in possession of 3.4g of marijuana during the same raid.

The court heard yesterday police performed a pat-down search on the 21-year-old Marsden man and located two clip seal bags containing the drug.

It was heard Marsden – who has some drug history – admitted he owned the drugs and was just visiting the residence during the raid.

He was placed on a $180 good behaviour bond for four months and no conviction was recorded.

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