Father had sex and conceived child with own daughter

A GYMPIE region man convicted of incest yesterday had reconnected with his estranged daughter nearly two years before he started having sex with her.

Gympie District Court heard the two reconnected when his daughter was an adult, the now 48-year-old manual labourer wanting to be a part of his child's life again.

It heard how, over a period of nearly seven years beginning in 2008, they would have sexual contact a further five times.

This consensual relationship led to his daughter, then aged 20, falling pregnant and eventually giving birth to a baby girl.

That child, now aged five-and-a-half years, has serious medical and intellectual difficulties.

The court heard the girl had numerous visits to hospital, had significant hearing difficulties and was largely incapable of verbal communication.

The sexual encounters occurred in Maryborough, Tiaro and Kandanga Creek.

A medical examination of the accused man revealed he had the mental acuity of a nine-year-old, and he was described during the District Court hearing as "functionally illiterate", having struggled with the impairment for most of his life.

However, he had held down labouring jobs in the Wide Burnett region since leaving his daughter when she was two-years-old, the court heard.

Pleading guilty to five counts of incest, Judge Robertson said the man's intellectual disabilities did not excuse his actions.

"I take into account your early guilty plea and that you are clearly remorseful for your actions," he said.

"But you know what you did, and you were aware that what you did was clearly wrong."

The man's daughter, also facing five charges of incest, had her case adjourned, seeking ongoing psychiatric evaluation.

The man was sentenced to four year's jail, suspended for four years after he serves nine months.

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