Father hid meth in nappy, baby formula tin

A FATHER will spend the next year behind bars after police found up to $28,000 of ice hidden in a nappy and in a baby formula tin at his home where six children lived.

Zachary Richard Laszuk, 30, faced Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday after pleading guilty to a raft of drug possession, supply and weapons charges.

The court heard the Lowood father who has six children under his care, including two of his younger siblings, was busted by police during a search warrant at his property on May 11, 2018.

Officers found 44g of methylamphetamine in a disposable baby nappy and a further 27g in a baby formula tin along with small amount of marijuana, $5000 cash and two Tasers.

A search of Laszuk's phone revealed he had supplied $2500 of ice, the court heard.

A year later while Laszuk was on bail, police executed a second search warrant and this time found more ice, knuckledusters, cash and pipes.

Defence barrister Michael Bonasia said the death of Laszuk's mother three years ago had taken its toll on his client and meant Laszuk had taken on responsibility of caring for his two young siblings.

Mr Bonasia asked Justice Helen Bowskill to take into account Laszuk's lack of relevant criminal history and early plea of guilty.

Justice Bowskill said while she could see Laszuk had no history of drug offending, she was horrified to think that he was caring for children in the same house he kept drugs.

"This terrifies me," she said.

"People who are in charge of small children who have truck loads of methylamphetamine in their house and are engaging in this activity."

"There is between you and responsibility, light years."

Laszuk was sentenced to five years' jail and will be released on parole in November, 2020. - NewsRegional

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