'Finally some sense has come to Australian Cricket'

FINALLY some sense has come to Australian Cricket. (And pigs might fly?)

Deliberate, vindictive, personal and vicious "Sledging" has been occurring for more than 40 years with the worst offenders being Australia's Cricket Greats, who are now in control of the Australian Cricket Board its Coaches and Selectors.

Sadly the entire Cricket Establishment have endorsed and promoted this cowardly activity for over four decades so now the practice is well and truly entrenched.

Some of these cowards have now been exposed blubbering like babies on National Television, however many more "Idols" over the years are yet to be revealed.

It is recognised throughout the world of cricket that the Australians have a "win at any cost" philosophy, which history tells us is more accurately recognised as bullying.

Many incidences during those forty years are a disgusting display of bullying by our idols, which sadly has now been entrenched into our sporting culture to such an extent the children see bullying others as the norm.

Anastasia Palaszczuk has recently called for a push to stamp out bullying, stating that "I do not know who is to blame, but we all need to be part of the solution". However it is all far too late.

The board of Australian Cricket have known and encouraged this poor sportsmanship for decades, which has resulted in all grades from schoolboy, state, and national all being infected with bullying prevalent throughout.

Bullying is now looked upon as the way to win, as the precedent has been set.

The sport bullying epidemic has spread to racial, sexist, workplace, and is now endemically entrenched in Australian culture.

It could well be the time for the government to sack the entire board, coaches, selectors and teams of Australian cricket as happened in the greyhound industry, is anyone courageous enough?

It will take serious decisions by those in government and sport administration to make a positive dent in the poor reputation of cheats which Australian sport have worldwide.

Ban bullying in sport under threat of lifetime expulsion with loss of income and sponsorship, then we just might put an end to this disgusting behaviour.

BRIAN SAYERS, Millmerran

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