League coach wants smiles on dials at Miles trials

RUGBY LEAGUE: Border Rugby League representative coach Graham Smith hopes plenty of firepower in the outside backs can lead them to success in the South West trials at Miles on Saturday.

Coach Graham Smith said his squad was slightly undersized, but was hoping his forward pack could unleash the outside backs.

"We've got some real strength and speed in our outside backs," Smith said.

"Our forward pack as a whole might be slightly undersized but they carry their weight well.

"They get around the park well and enthusiasm makes up for size."

Smith said his squad was young, but had some old heads for guidance.

"It's a very young squad but we've got a couple of guys with a fair bit of experience," he said.

"You need a mix, you need the older guys to lead the way when times are tough and the young guys to come in with enthusiasm and work off that. I think we've got a pretty good mix."

Smith said a number of experienced players had pulled out of the squad this year.

"A lot of experienced guys chose not to play this year," Smith said.

"They just made themselves unavailable.

"It's not the end of the world; sometimes the older blokes come in stuck in their ways and don't want to change. The young fellas are really keen so they just come in and do what they're told."

With the BRL team to take on a South West and Far South West team, Smith said he was expecting a tough carnival.

"I've had a bit to do with footy out in those towns and the players are always nice and tough," he said. "They're always good rep sides. It will be a good experience for these young fellas."

A South West Country representative team will be picked from the carnival.

BRL Rep side:

Farrin Anderson, Wayne Brown, Jason Cobon, Jack Daniels, Nathan Dearden, Marc Emery, Nathan Green, Jeremy Jerome, Kieran Jones, Jake Kelly, Jim Loneragan, Brendan Minns, Jesse Murphy, Bennett Sutton, Geoff Swan, Coedie Tandy, Ian Thompson, Andrew Thorne, John Trindall, Ben Watt

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