Firms fight to claim payments

AT LEAST two local contractors claim to be waiting for payments from an out-of-town company involved in a local housing development.

In Saturday’s paper concerns were raised about the project from local sub-contractors working at Augusta Close, off Rangers Rd.

The Daily News can now reveal one of the men involved in the development as Simon Price, a name all local sub-contractors put forward.

Mr Price is listed in company records as director of Propwill Pty Ltd and Specialised Finance Group – the latter of which offers debt recovery for clients.

The owner of a local company involved claimed he was owed about $4000, and said he was about to fight for it in court.

“We had phone mediation with (Simon Price) and he said he was paying by June 10 but it never happened,” the person said.

“Another fellow was supposed to get paid before that and wasn’t.

“We just want to get paid for what we’ve done.”

The local company owner said Mr Price had been “hard to get a hold of” and that he “didn’t answer the phone to a number he doesn’t know”.

The second local sub-contractor, an earthworks and excavation company owner, said she had attempted to retrieve more than $10,000 owed through a debt collector.

“We paid $660 (for that) – it didn’t do it any good though,” she said.

The owner said the incident had darkened her views on doing work for out of town companies.

“We’re just so sick of it – we won’t do any work for out of town developers now unless we get a cheque at the end of the day,” she said.

“We all work hard and do good work, and then they say ‘yeah we’ll pay later’.

“The next minute they disappear into thin air.”

The Daily News left several phone messages for Mr Price, and the director called just before printing last night.

Interestingly, his mobile phone voicemail recording was changed yesterday afternoon to exclude the name of his company, Specialised Finance Group.

Mr Price said he made no comment but agreed with council that all work had been done above board and approved.

He said he would “have to look into” claims made by the local sub-contractors as he didn’t have the information with him.

“Commercial things should be handled in a commercial manner,” he said.

“We don’t get involved – if it’s right it’s right, if it’s wrong it’s wrong.

“Council is happy it’s all going to process and it’s no comment from our point of view.”

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