First frost likely this week

THE weekend produced some very cold weather across the Downs and Granite Belt. Saturday was windy and cold with some patchy cloud around blocking out the sun. Winds were gusty from the west all day but did ease into the evening. A high of 14 degrees was recorded after a mild 9 degree low. No rain was recorded and the cloud cleared in the evening.

Overcast conditions returned early Sunday morning and this prevented the temperatures from dropping to the expected low. Strong, gusty westerly winds blew all day and kept temperatures down. The overcast conditions broke up during the day to patchy cloud. Sunday saw a low of 6 degrees followed by a high of 14. The lowest apparent temperature on Sunday was 0.6 degrees at 6.30am.

A storm develops over Warwick on Friday afternoon.
A storm develops over Warwick on Friday afternoon. Terry West



A HIGH pressure ridge extends from the Bight to Queensland and continues to push cold dry air into the region. This will continue until later in the week when an upper level trough moves into the south-west of the state.


TODAY should be fine, cold and clear. The high in the Bight should start to move east and continue to sustain the ridge into Queensland. This will push cold dry air onto the Southern Downs and Granite Belt and may give us our first frost. There is a chance of some patchy cloud in the morning but this will clear. Winds will be cold and gusty from the south-west for most of the day. These winds will make it feel a lot colder than it really is. 4-17 degrees.


TUESDAY should be fine and sunny as the firm ridge continues to be maintained into Queensland. It will be cold with a chance of frost as the clear skies allow the ground to cool. Winds should be from the south-west tending west at times as a surface trough develops over northern NSW. There is no rain associated with this trough. 2-18 degrees.


WEDNESDAY the high in the Bight should move to the east and push a moist easterly airflow onto the coast. An upper trough should start to enter the south-west and this will push the high over the south-east of Queensland. It will be another cool morning with a chance of frost, mainly in low-lying areas. Winds should be cold and gusty from the south as the ridge moves through before swinging to the south-east in the early afternoon. 4-20.


THURSDAY should see the upper trough move east across southern Queensland as the high moves into the Tasman Sea and continues to push moist air onto the coast. It should be overcast for most of the day and there is a chance of showers or a storm moving in from the north-east during the afternoon. Moderate to gusty south to south-easterly winds should blow all day and keep the air temperature cool. 9-18.


FRIDAY should see an upper low over the south-east. This low will generate showers mainly in the east of the region. The high in the Tasman Sea will continue to push cool gusty winds onto the coast. Winds should be moderate from the south-east for most of the day. 9-20.

The weekend

BOTH days should be overcast and may see a shower. Highs should be in the mid 20s with overnight lows in the single figures to teens.

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