Footy mum belts rival U16 player

AN INCIDENT in which the mother of a Collegians Junior Rugby League player allegedly took to the field during a game and repeatedly “uppercut” a boy in a rival team is under investigation by regional league authorities.

The alleged incident took place at the Collegians field on Saturday afternoon after a “scuffle” was said to have broken out between the Under 16s home side and the visiting Goondiwindi team.

A spokesman for the Goondiwindi team claimed the altercation between the two teams broke out when racial slurs were unleashed on some of the team’s indigenous players.

He said the scuffle was quickly terminated and play was ordered to continue – without penalties issued to either side – before the woman stormed the field.

“A lady from Collegians entered the field and grabbed one of the boys by the hair and uppercutted him in the head,” he said.

He said he thought the woman hit the teen about four times but he was not believed to be seriously injured.

The spokesman said the decision of the Collegians officials to allow the woman to stay for the remaining 10 or 15 minutes of the day had caused concern. Other reports suggest the woman left the ground immediately.

Police attended the scene on two separate occasions; however no charges were laid at the time.

The Goondiwindi team spokesman said the incident was an “eye-opener” and said he had never had anything like this happen to any of the players before.

“I had a lot of comments from parents and they were pretty much aghast that this had happened,” he said.

“We want people to know Goondi is not a bunch of thugs and we encourage good, clean sportsmanship. We’ve got a good bunch of players who get along.”

Collegians president Terry Dwan declined to comment.

Chairman of the Queensland Rugby League Central Division Glyn Rees said there were clear guidelines outlining the responsibilities of players and spectators and said the sport was focused on developing sportsmanship.

"You’re always going to get incidents – and it’s not limited to rugby league in any shape or form – but onlookers may react negatively and vent their frustrations inappropriately."

Mr Rees said the league placed a strong emphasis on adhering to the code of conduct over the past few years and said he was more than happy with the progress the changes had brought about.

The Daily News attempted to contact the woman allegedly involved in the incident but was unable to do so.

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