Former bikie drug king-pin goes down

A FORMER Rebels bikie member who sold drugs on the Sunshine Coast, in Gladstone and in Rockhampton, and who cooked drugs at his parents' vacant house in Hervey Bay, will be in jail until at least November 2018.  

Joshua Shane Carew, 32, pleaded guilty to a string of drug charges including trafficking meth and amphetamines for almost two years, between August 2011 and July 2013, while he was a member of the outlaw motorcycle gang.  

He was also busted with $144,450 cash and had a tick-list at his house showing he and another man had sold $43,225 of meth, had $16,800 of meth in their possession and expected to profit $27,025.  

During the sentencing hearing at Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday, Crown prosecutor Caroline Marco said Carew produced drugs at least three times during his trafficking period, including once at his parents' house in Hervey Bay between August and September 2011.  

The court also heard this wasn't the first time he had been convicted of drug offences.   In 2012 he was convicted of supplying drugs after he couriered cocaine from the Gold Coast to Hervey Bay.  

He received a suspended jail sentence for that offence and committed the trafficking during this suspended term.  

Ms Marco said this showed the drug offending had escalated, from being a courier to conducting his own trafficking business.   Carew was busted during a major police operation that investigated drug offending within bikie gangs on the Sunshine Coast.  

On March 11 2013, police searched Carew's house and found about 11g of meth - 5.8g which was pure - and about 60g of amphetamine, of which 5g was pure.  

Ms Marco said part of Carew's trafficking involved other motorcycle gang associates, which showed he had a distribution network and regular customers and lessened his risk of being detected.  

Carew's defence lawyer Alastair McDougall said the $144,450 cash that was found at his house was not purely from drugs, and that some of it was legitimate money Carew had withdrawn from his account.  

But Justice Debra Mullins said some of these withdrawals had happened a long time beforehand and it was unlikely the amount related to drugs was less than $100,000.  

Mr McDougall also argued that his client's jail term should be lowered because he had spent time in jail already, some of which was in solitary confinement and two weeks at the watch house.  

He was sentenced to seven years jail and will be eligible for parole after serving two and a half years behind bars. - ARM NEWSDESK  

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