Franz Ferdinand will play three shows in Australia in November.
Franz Ferdinand will play three shows in Australia in November.

Franz Ferdinand announce Harvest Festival replacement shows

HARVEST Festival headliners Franz Ferdinand have announced new tour dates following the event's cancellation.

The Scottish rockers will play "make up" dates in Melbourne on November 14, Sydney on November 15 and Brisbane on November 17.

Tickets for the shows go on sale on October 3 at 9am through Ticketek.

The shows will feature new songs from their triumphant return to form in their fourth studio album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions.

After the success of their self-titled debut album in 2004 the Glasgow four-piece went from touring to recording, touring, recording, touring, recording, releasing You Could Have It So Much Better (2005) and Tonight: Franz Ferdinand (2009).

The latter didn't do as well as its predecessors and things in the band weren't feeling great either.

"We were kind of a little bit burnt out, mentally, creatively," bassist Bob Hardy says from London.

"The previous few albums had all kind of run into each other in terms of touring and recording.

"So we just thought we needed a bit of time on our own, where we didn't feel like we were in Franz Ferdinand for a while.

"Time where we could reconnect with our friends and with our lives.

"And also have some real- life experience that you can feed into your music or whatever you're doing creatively, it's kind of important."

The band regrouped in June 2011, with the promise of doing things differently.

A major label push, and the weight of constant public scrutiny had affected the band's process, so they made sure that didn't happen on album number four.

"We wanted to concentrate on songwriting first. On the previous record we had gone into the studio and written and recorded simultaneously. We'd built songs out of jams and sounds and that kind of thing.

"This time around we wanted to make sure we didn't go anywhere near a studio until we'd actually written songs to be played on an acoustic guitar or piano or whatever."

Acknowledging there was a good song to build on was a significant change.

Working in short blocks also allowed the band to maintain energy levels, ensuring it was always a novelty once they got there.

But it's worked and Franz Ferdinand is back with the sound that got them noticed.

And the content has changed as well.

"I think this record certainly has a lot of bigger themes within the lyrics, more so than, or maybe less oblique. I think a lot of Alex's lyrics were really quite cryptic (on Tonight: Franz Ferdinand).

"And I think that was a symptom of being in the public eye for such a long time and feeling quite exposed, whereas this record is much more open and deals with bigger and darker themes more openly."

Franz Ferdinand hasn't been in Australia since 2010, but they're more than excited to come back in November.

"We had a big break and we're looking forward to going to places we haven't been for a while," Hardy says.

"Plus, we're really happy with the new record and we're really into it, so it's an exciting thing to come out and play to the people."

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