BACK to Warwick Dragway this afternoon was The Road Trip crew for the second annual event.

The Road Trip is based on Drag Week in the US, and is a series of drag meets held at different venues over a weekend.

The drivers started out at Willowbank this morning and came to Warwick for an afternoon session, before heading back to Brisbane and the Lakeside track in the morning.


For organisers Mick Apps and Jane Nason it is all about fun.

"That's competely the point," he said.

"It a chance for people to get in their cars and drive really fast, which is a lot of fun.

This year 40 drivers are taking part in the event and Warwick locals will also have a chance to join in the action tonight at Warwick Dragway with a free test and tune.

"We'd encourage any locals who want to come and race tonight to head out around 6.30pm to 7pm, we should be done with our competition by then," he said.

"Head over to the track office, sign some paperwork, pay $20 for a ttrack licence for the day and get racing.

"All vehicle must be road registered, so you could be up against a GT-R or a stack standard 2004 Nissan Pulsar."

The best time of the meet at Willowbank this morning was a 5.5 second eighth mile run.

Tomorrow at Lakeside, the event will also involve Cruisefest, which will see a public cruise session, touring car races and The Road Trip Finals.

Mr Apps said each driver could have as many runs as they liked at each of the three tracks.

"But I just want one time slip from each person, from each track," he said.

"Their fastest time.

"The driver with the fastest time overall will win."

In for a bit of high-octane action was Phil Sutcliffe, the man in the black 2010 Nissan GT-R.

"For me the attraction of this event was the road trip part," he said.

"It's a cool format, something a little different and seemed like a lot of fun.

"I won't be the quickest out there on a specialised prepped drag strip like this, but at Lakeside tomorrow I should go pretty well."

So far Mr Sutcliffe's quickest time was a 6.72 seconds for the eighth mile at Willowbank.

"I only the do the drags for a bit of fun," he said.

"I also drive this car in the circuit racing series and will back here at Morgan Park in a couple of weeks.

"This car is all-wheel-drive and is reasonably competitive on the circuit."

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