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No front rower demise: Scott

QUEENSLAND bookend Matt Scott says he does not expect Paul Gallen to change the way the game is played, simply because he is one of a kind.

Gallen's performance in Origin II was hailed as one of the greatest ever by a front rower and some declared it the death of the big man in the 13-man game.

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Gallen, a back rower at club level, played 80 minutes and amassed 27 hit-ups, 211 metres and 31 tackles as he paved the way for a memorable NSW victory.

But Scott, who was Queensland's best forward in game one, said the death of the traditional prop was being greatly exaggerated.

He said while Gallen's effort was one for the ages, there were not enough players like him to fill the NRL's front row ranks.

“I don't think you can compare it,” he said. “(Gallen) is more of a traditional core player who plays 80 minutes and you can rotate the front rowers around him.

“I don't think it's going to change too much. I don't think you're going to find 20 or 30 Paul Gallens to start filling in front row spots for every NRL club. Paul's definitely a special player and a great player for the Blues but I don't think the role of the prop is going to change too much.

“It has changed over the years but it's been a gradual process. As the interchange goes down you try to get more minutes out of your props. But to be able to say that everyone's going to play like Paul Gallen, I just don't think it's possible.”

While the Blues forwards were in the firing line after the Maroons statistically pulverised them in game one, it is the Queenslanders who have come in for some heavy treatment from the critics following their loss in game two.

Scott said it was far from panic stations at Camp Maroon and believed they could more than match it with their opponents with a five to 10% lift in intensity.

He joked that the only sure way to stop a player like Gallen was with an elephant gun and it would take a massive effort from all of Queensland's forwards to get their side on the front foot.

“Gal's a different sort of player, there's not too many blokes like him running around the comp,” he said. “He's definitely got that extra level of fitness and he plays big minutes and plays a lot of work. Most front rowers don't really do that.

“The middle of the ruck, it's an area of the game we're looking on improving. There's not too much in Origin games so if we can find something extra, we should be okay.”

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