Full Moon
Full Moon

Full moon brings crime spree

WHETHER you believe in lunar madness or not there is no doubt the full moon cast its spell over Warwick this weekend.

With letterbox bombs, fights, robberies and five counts of public nuisance recorded the police had one of their busiest weekends yet.

"When something bizarre happens you always look up and, yep, it's a full moon," Acting Senior Sergeant Lisa Self said.

On Friday night a truck driver was caught in an awkward situation after he had his wallet stolen while making a dash for the loo at a local truck stop.

According to police the truck was left unlocked and running while the driver attended to his business.

Mischief makers were also found to be playing some potentially lethal games near Sladevale on Thursday night.

A letterbox had been destroyed with what police expect was a chlorine bomb.

The wilful damage continued to be caused by locals over the weekend as multiple attacks on cars and property took place.

On Saturday night a Glennie St resident found the tyres of his trailer were slashed, the same evening the windscreen of a car on the corner of Albert and Guy Sts was smashed by an object thrown by an unknown offender. It is believed the cases are unrelated.

Early Friday morning thieves stole fuel and power tools from a maintenance shed at the Warwick Showgrounds.

Meanwhile, a 20-year-old Warwick man was charged for disorderly behaviour after entering the Warwick Hospital while swearing at the staff.

The offender allegedly then attempted to break down a nearby construction fence before officers intervened.

The younger generation were not left out of the madness as a fight broke out between a pair of youths aged 12 and 13 at the close of the Blue Light Disco held Friday night.

According to police the argument broke out after one allegedly punched the other, only to be separated.

While officers were talking to the youths' parents a short time later one of the individuals tried to hit the other in front of officers.

The altercation between the two was quickly dealt with by officers present.

As one of the first physical acts of violence to occur at the event police said it was a rare occurrence.

"We have a zero tolerance policy at the Blue Light Discos," Sergeant Self said.

Both children reported to the police station the next day, one has been charged with assault and is expected to take part in a youth justice conference.

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