Son number 7 adds to growing clan

IT was a scene Andrew Gale was all too familiar with and the amazing feeling never gets old even after seven births.

Isaac Fernando was born on June 2 weighing 2789 grams and is the sixth son of Mr Gale and his wife Melinda, born on their 22nd anniversary.

In 1994 Mr and Mrs Gale started their brood with 16-year-old Sam with the intention of having either four children, according to Mrs Gale, or six children, a preference for Mr Gale.

“I knew I would get my way in the end,” Mr Gale joked as he proudly watched his seven children play.

Now in 2010 they are a family of nine with six boys Sam, Daniel, Angus, Ben, Joshua, Isaac and one girl aged 10, Amy, who couldn’t be happier to have lots of brothers.

“I think having brothers is good because they play games a sister wouldn’t want to play, like footy,” Amy said.

Mr Gale said Amy was one of their best footy players and definitely matched the boys on the hockey field.

With their expanding family, Mr Gale said their house was not really big enough anymore and there was never a dull moment in the Gale household.

After five days Isaac was well settled and seemed more comfortable with the noise of his brothers and sisters playing in the background.

If it’s quiet there is something not right and it is not often the children can sleep if there is total silence.

“If it’s quiet they wake up and wonder what is going on. There is no tip-toeing around the baby,” he said.

“We are all pretty happy and everyone is well that is the important thing – they are all good kids.”

He said the thing he enjoyed most about being a father was watching his children develop and grow past many milestones.

“They are all really special in their own way. It was a definite choice we made, something we wanted to do – have a big family,” Mr Gale said.

The best thing about family according to Mr Gale is sticking together and always having someone there for you.

One thing he never looks forward to is when Mrs Gale goes into labour and said it was a terrible experience to watch your wife go through.

“After Josh I was reluctant to have any more because she really struggled, it was terrible,” Mr Gale said.

Now he couldn’t be happier with his beautiful brood and they both count their blessings for having the gift of seven healthy children.

As for number eight, Mr Gale said they don’t have any plans for any more.

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