Tony "Misty" Ebdon Marian Faa

GALLERY: Mopar Muscle brings magic to Morgan Park

FRIENDS may call him Misty, but there was no fog on the windscreen of Tony Ebdon, whose 1966 Dodge Coronet had the chance to rev its brand new engine for the first time after a five-year rebuild.

Misty's magnificent piece of work was one of the most coveted cars among hundreds of Mopar fanatics at the Warwick Dragway yesterday.

Over the sound of screeching wheels and firing pistons you could hardly hear yourself speak at the seventh annual Mopar Muscle - one of the state's only racing events dedicated to Chrysler vehicles.

Brisbane-based mopar builder and refitter Steve Oliver knows his way around a Chrysler like the back of his hand and the 1966 Dodge was his pick of bunch.


Tony "Misty" Ebdon Marian Faa

"This car has been in 5-year rebuild and it's got a brand new engine, new gear box and new suspension," he said.

Unable to get his own racing vehicles in shape for the event, Mr Oliver decided to bring his everyday drive, a 2008 Chrysler 300C.

It was certainly one of the newest vehicles in sight, but on the track it couldn't compare.

"My poor old thing over there weighs 5000 pounds so it's going to take a lot to make that go faster."

But as a road car, he could think of nothing better.

The full-day event was a huge success, with people coming from as far away as north of cairns to partake in the fun.


Steve Oliver
Steve Oliver Marian Faa

Queensland Chrysler Association president Darryl Elliot said the event was revamped from its original two-day format to offer an action-packed program.

Racing classes included a powder puff race for female drivers, street racing, super street racing, the quick ET and three rounds of Chicago shoot-out style racing.

"It's a great event because everybody comes together from all the different walks of life with the common interest in the mopar vehicles and having a bit of fun in the car," he said.

"It's a great chance for people to show appreciation for the classic vehicles, and for those that have a passion for performance."


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