Generosity over the Christmas period gets thumbs up

DAILY News readers have given their thumbs up and thumbs down for the week, with high praise for some generous acts over the Christmas week.

Thumbs up to all the people who have helped with the Christmas lunch for lonely, to those who have donated and who are giving up their Christmas Day to help out.

- Maritta Hutley

Thumbs up to the team at Bluebird for everything they are doing to make a difference.

Paying it forward.

- Donna Nessuno

Thankyou to the young fellow driving on Cunningham Hwy last Sunday who turned around and came back to help my parents change the flat tyre on their car.

- Michelle Eastwell

Thumbs up to the great printers you have printing the local papers for you all to enjoy.

- Andrew James Bullock

Thumbs up to all the hard workers at Rose City Shoppingworld this week.

- Daryl N Nicole

Thumbs up to the two blokes from the council who turned up at 7 last night to unblock and clean up a massive sewerage spill.

- Iain Clark

Thumbs down to the scoundrel that ran over the mother duck in front of John Dee today in blue 4WD ute, thumbs up to Warwick Town and Country for taking the baby duckling.

- Darryl Evans

Thumbs down to the low life who stole my paper from the footpath.

Massive thumbs up to the lovely reporter from the Daily News who hand delivered me a new paper.

- Jayne Shelley

Thumbs down to all the people who are just running over all these animals; just drive a little bit slower and be more alert what's around you instead of being in a rush.

- Rachel O'Brien

Thumbs down to the grubs who illegally dump rubbish along the western end of Warner St. Is it really that hard to drive to Morgan Park dump?

- Darren Bray

Thumbs down to the lady that ran over a kitten near choice right in front of my three daughters. They were hysterical. Very sad moment. Thumbs up to the old couple that stopped and grabbed the kitten and took it to the vet.

- Stacey Ammenhauser

Warwick resident wakes to find men trying to break into home

I am quite willing to go to jail if I found someone in my house who is not supposed to be there.

- Debbie Ballard

Starting to think the same way to be honest, have always been anti violence but it's just beyond a joke these days.

- Shezz McDonnell

That's why we have a 60kg German shepherd. Someone tried to break in a few years ago, didn't realize there was two shepherds in the back yard. He left without one shoe and part of his pants missing! The dogs broke into the house to chase him (smashing the window in the process).

- Melanie Gibbons

This crap breaking into people's homes in Warwick seems to be happening more and more these days.

- Geordie Eldridge

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School responds to bullying complaints: 'safety is crucial'

Program promoting good behaviour was reviewed earlier this year.

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