Lawrence Springborg
Lawrence Springborg Jenna Cairney

MP calls for crackdown on crime

MEMBER for Southern Downs Lawrence Springborg has called for the State Government to crack down on offenders who go on to commit further crimes while on bail.

The issue has reared its head in Warwick recently when a teenager allegedly went on to commit an assault while on bail for another assault charge.

She was remanded in police custody following the second alleged assault.

In another local case, a woman who admitted to threatening to kill an alleged assault victim and her family was granted bail, despite the police prosecutor's objections.

Mr Springborg said the perception of bail needed to shift from being viewed as a right to a privilege, with repeat offenders being denied access.

He said criminal precedence is "littered" with the crimes of people who have committed serious offences similar or identical to those the offender was originally charged with.

"(Bail) should be denied to violent offenders and people who have a history of breaching bail conditions - if you've breached before, bang you're not getting bail, full stop," he said.

"People are killed, murdered, maimed for life by people on bail for similar offences and it just doesn't make sense.

"It is a privilege that is extended for people to be able to go about their life while they wait for their court day - it is not a right."

While Mr Springborg is pushing for a crackdown on bail offenders, he said it wasn't the laws that were the issue, but rather their application.

He said the current government is "soft on crime" and needed to enforce the penalties in place.

"We have got relatively tough maximum penalties but they're never applied," he said.

"I think it is absolutely stupid to give bail to people who have allegedly committed another offence while on bail for committing similar offences."

Mr Springborg said offenders often wear their disregard for the law as a "badge of honour" and said the tendency for unlawful behaviour is heightened when appropriate penalties aren't applied.

"People respect the law if you say what you mean and you mean what you say and you do what you say you're going to do," he said.

"They look at the system and think they can do this and just get a slap on the wrist at most.

"And it's not just here, it is a problem right across Queensland."

Shadow Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie has echoed the sentiments of Mr Springborg on the topic.

Mr Bleijie said bail laws had to reflect community standards and expectations - not the State Government's "victims don't matter" policies.

He said people needed to be confident the justice system is delivering for them and not for the criminals.

"The LNP is committed to getting the balance right when it comes to both bail and sentencing laws," Mr Bleijie said.

"One thing we need to amend is the seemingly endless opportunity for people to make excuses for alcohol-induced violence.

"If people can't handle the alcohol, then they simply shouldn't drink."

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