A LIBERAL party advertisement featuring Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her key ministers as  headless chooks is funny as all hell - or very childish.

It really depends on which side of the political fence you sit on.

APN posted the video on its Facebook sites across the country today and asked what readers thought.

Some of those who saw the ad said the Opposition should be spending air time promoting what they stood for, rather than just attacking the PM and her team.

"At least the ALP have policies, not a schoolboy level ad,'' Cliff Halloran posted on the Sunshine Coast Daily Facebook site.

"Come on LNP, you look like you'll be running the country later this year. Is this the best you can do?

"Running the country is a job for grownups, not adolescent school boys. What next? Looking at the girls' knickers?''

Gail Macpherson described it as a "disgraceful childish ad from a hopeless Opposition.''

"You all think you have it bad now, you won't know what hit you if Abbott is ever PM, worse than Newman and his LNP who are selling off Qld.

"Abbott's the billionaires puppet, do you really want Rupert Murdoch and Gina Rinehart running the country?''

Ross Nixon was more concerned about the "chooks being humiliated in this''!

But Rock Hardson said: " I don't think headless chooks could have steered Australia through the worst financial crisis since the depression.

" Perhaps this will backfire, I mean, the Libs haven't offered any alternative but opposing 90% of what the government offers without any substitute policy.''

Steve Auld wrote on Queensland Times' Facebook site: "With all the backflips,lies and lack of policies of the LNP in recent months ( and mess Campbell is making) I find the ad nothing short of hypocritical!"

"What a joke the LNP have become! The ad should be telling us the LNP's plan instead they carry on like school children! Not the sort of party I want to represent Australia!"

Shane Drummond thought the ad was funny.

"The sooner we get rid of Gillard the better,'' he wrote on the Toowoomba Chronicle's Facebook site.

Michael Behan wrote on the Northern Star site that the ad was only telling the truth.

"All of the Labor party are a bunch of chickens, running around like fools, cackling about their successes (of which there are none), dodging the farmer with the axe (not sure which farmer, as they have had that many knifings and axing to fill a Steggles processing plant).

" When you lie, cheat and steal from and to taxpayers, it is we who ultimately will wield the axe!

"Brilliant piece of political satire!''

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is the TV ad childish or clever? Have your say below.

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