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BUY LOCAL: Dave Martin is eager to get as many responses as possible to his buy local survey.
BUY LOCAL: Dave Martin is eager to get as many responses as possible to his buy local survey. Elyse Wurm

STICKERS on shop windows urging browsers to buy local have been popping up in regional communities, giving a glimpse into the concerns of businesses trying to keep local dollars in-house.

Threatened by the internet and malls in nearby cities, businesses in Warwick are looking to learn more about what they can do to survive long-term.

The Warwick Chamber of Commerce is running a Buy Local survey to gather information about the qualms consumers have about shopping in the local community.

Vice-president of the chamber and owner of Southwest Wholesalers Dave Martin said the survey would help raise awareness, obtain feedback and identify opportunities.

"We're very invested in Warwick and want to see the town grow and prosper,” he said. "For that to happen you need a really strong local foundation where the local customers really support you.

"Then you use that as a bouncing board for real growth whether it's through geography, innovation or otherwise.”

Studies show every $1 spent locally translates to $4 of benefit to the community.

Mr Martin thinks price discrepancies and quality of service could play a roll in driving dollars away.

If opportunities are identified, he said businesses could close gaps.

"One of the hardest things in business, especially starting from scratch, is ensuring there is going to be demand,” he said.

"That's part of this, is ensuring there would be an appetite.”

To fill in the survey, visit

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