Stunning lights a fitting tribute to family member

The lights at the Mundey Balfour residence.
The lights at the Mundey Balfour residence. Bec Mundey

ONE set of Christmas lights getting their fair share of Facebook love are a little further out of town.

A love of Christmas time and family has seen Bec Mundey, fiance Alan Balfour and their kids go all out for 2017.


"Last year Alan's mum fell ill so we went all out then because she absolutely lives for Christmas," Ms Mundey said.

"Sadly we lost her in March this year, so we've gone even bigger again this year in fond memory of Heather."

Heather Balfour was known for her special Christmas table, featuring a snowy, twinkling village that grew and grew over the year as more and more was added to it.


Heather Balfour's Christmas table.
Heather Balfour's Christmas table. Bec Mundey

Ms Mundey said the family had gone extra big this year with a display featuring thousands upon thousands of lights.

"We wanted to do something different this year," Ms Mundey said.

"There a lots of old tyres and machinery lying around the place and I told the kids we were making a snowman out of tyres.

"Then Alan came home and said he'd had an idea to - to make a giant ted out of haybales.

"As well as that he said he wanted to decorate 'little red'- his very first truck that has been long retired."

That's two houses, two massive yards, a truck, a three metre high haybale teddy-bear, a three metre high snowman and a tractor pulling a trailorm carrying a Christmas tree - all of them covered in lights.


The lights at the Mundey Balfour residence.
The lights at the Mundey Balfour residence. Bec Mundey

"We love it," Ms Mundey said.

"It's our favourite time of year and it makes us feel good and it's something we can do as a family.

"It's handy having 15-year-old boys to do the heavy lifting and tree-climbing parts."

Ms Mundey said she'd love everyone to drive out for a look.

The address is 538 Pratten-Hendon Road, Bony Mountain and you can it on this map.

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