THE colourful tutus, wigs and Hawaiian shirts soon became a distant, muddy smear on the cross-country track.

Mudfest left no clean face or body in sight, as more than 1000 braved the 2km track for hours of fun and dirty madness.

Brown-stained participants tangoed through pits of mud, clambered over walls and slipped over obstacles at the inaugural event yesterday.

While some as young as four braved the mud and cross-country tracks by their parents' side, retirees as old as 66 made their way through slowly.

The competitive scene was mixed among the races throughout the day.

Keen athletes set to take part in Tough Mudder on the Coast next week started early and ran the track 10 times over.

Others considered themselves "buggered" one lap through.

Jo Willimott and Trudi Lynch, who travelled from Brisbane for the event, used the track as a warm-up to another muddy obstacle course next month.

"This was in preparation for Stampede in September, which is a similar thing held in Woodford," Ms Willimott said.

"The best part was not knowing what was in store.

"All the preparation we did today was put our shoes on and we were off."

Event organising committee spokeswoman Margaret Swierkowski said following the success of the inaugural event, it was likely to continue for years to come.

"The mud, I've been told, is refreshing - which is never a word I've associated with mud before," she said.

"The response to the event has been remarkable.

"Continuing on in future was our aim, and judging by the response this year we'll definitely be doing that."

Mrs Swierkowski said participants had travelled from as far as Sydney to attend the event.

Mudfest was part of Immanuel Lutheran College's annual Fruehlingsfest Festival.

In its 32nd year, the festival celebrates the school's German connections and welcomes in the season of spring.

Mudfest was added to the Fruehlingsfest program this year to add to the variety of fun available to children at the school, and the wider Coast community.

The events are organised by a group of volunteers from the Immanuel Lutheran College's Parents and Friends Association.

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