BIG HITTER: Tim McIntosh, of Goomeri Giants, hit a double century in one Goomeri game win in Warwick.
BIG HITTER: Tim McIntosh, of Goomeri Giants, hit a double century in one Goomeri game win in Warwick. Gerard Walsh

Goomeri Giants lining up for 25th carnival in Warwick

THE Goomeri Giants will be in Warwick this weekend to play in their 25th carnival.

They started heading to Warwick for the Australia Day cricket 26 years ago and have only missed one carnival.

The first Warwick carnival was in 1972 when each team batted three hours, 10 minutes, a far cry from T20 cricket.

After two runner-up finishes, Goomeri team organiser Steven Alexander is hoping to go one better but admits team members were all getting older.

"The Giants have a squad of 30 and the weekend is a catch up of old mates from Goomeri cricket and rugby league teams down the years,” Alexander said.

"Only three or four of our squad play cricket regularly.

"The Warwick committee does such a good job with the carnival.”

Alexander rates his team strong in batting but not so good at bowling.

"Most of the team are in their 40s and some are still amongst the best batsmen in the South Burnett. Twelve of the squad live in the area.”

There are some second generation players, James Webb and son Michael, a wicketkeeper, will play along with captain Lennie Currie and son Joel who has played footy in Brisbane.

Tim Pearce always flies from Darwin for the carnival and the McIntosh brothers, Tim and Butch, come from Town of 1770. Tim scored a double century four years ago.

Alexander reckons their best player is Peter Vanderheld, a Gold Coast-based all-rounder.



FRIDAY TIMES: 8.30am Friday 1 v 2, 11.30am Friday 2 v 3, 2.30pm Friday 1 v 3

One exception is at Allora on Friday with Dongers to play Hugh's XI 8.30am, Goomeri to play Hugh's XI at 11.30am and Goomeri to play Dongers at 2.30pm.

SATURDAY TIMES: Saturday: 8.30am 1 v 2, 11.30am 1 v 3, 2.30pm 2 v 3.

FRIDAY DRAW: Main comp: Slade Park (Teams 1-3): Stunned Mullets, SBH XI, Max's XI.

Maryvale: Maryvale Condy, Palace Cows, Ring Ins.

Briggs Oval: Summers, Jonesy's XI, Bears/Small's XI.

Allora: Goomeri Gaints, Dalrymple Dongers, Hugh's XI.

Mayhew Oval: Mitch's XI, Extreme XI, Dad's Army.

Yangan: Hulk's XI, Rosewool Icemen, Badsy's Bandits.

Hamilton Oval: WBAS, Doc's XI, Marbucks.

SATURDAY DRAW: Main comp: Slade Park: Maryvale Condy, Doc's XI, Hugh's XI.

Wheatvale: Stunned Mullets, Extreme XI, Marbucks.

Briggs Oval: WBAS, Dalrymple Dongers, Rosewood Icemen.

Allora: Summers, SBH XI, Dad's Army.

Mayhew Oval: Goomeri Giants, Ring Ins, Badzy's Bandits.

Yangan: Mitch's XI, Jonesy's XI, Max's XI.

Hamilton Oval: Hulk's XI, Palace Cows, Bears/Small's XI.

SUNDAY DRAW: Main competition

Top eight teams to play in semis on turf

Other teams drawn to play one game on Sunday

Top two teams from semis to play in 1.30pm grand final

FRIDAY DRAW: Social comp: Queens Park Turf: (Teams 1-3) Digglers, Annie's XI, Dutch Rudders.

Queens Park Synthetic: Hurricanes Elite, Sel's XI, Dale's XI.

Dunning Oval: Baileys XI, Muzza's Men, Rettke's XI.

SATURDAY DRAW: Social comp: Queens Park Turf: Baileys XI, Sel's XI, Annie's XI.

Queens Park Synthetic: Digglers, Muzza's Men, Dale's XI.

Dunning Oval: Hurricanes Elite, Dutch Rudders, Rettke's XI.

Sunday program on Page 14

SUNDAY DRAW: Social competition

Top two teams from first two days to play grand final at Briggs Oval at noon

Six social teams not in the final will play a game each on Sunday

Due to the uneven numbers of teams in each competition, the bottom of the 21 teams in the main competition will play the bottom of the nine teams in the social on Sunday.

Carnival rules are on the Warwick Cricket Association Facebook page.

It is the responsibility of each team to get the results for their team back to Slade Park to assist in compiling statistics for player awards and to determine the points table and draw for Sunday.

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