REPORTS this morning have confirmed snow is falling on the Granite Belt.

Snow has been reported in numerous locations, including Dalveen north of Stanthorpe, east of Stanthorpe on Mt. Tully Rd and at locations in Eukey south east of Stanthorpe.

Stella Drake, wife of famous poet Jack Drake, has called to verify a 3rd flurry of snow this morning at Eukey.

The minimum air temperature in Stanthorpe this morning was 3.5 degrees and the ground temperature a freezing zero degrees.

Granite Belt Wine & Tourism marketing manager, Sarah Reeves said "It certainly changes our Primavera marketing plans for the next few days, but there is always an element of excitement when snow hits town, even if it is in the middle of spring."

The video shows Eukey resident Taylah Wantling enjoying the snow as it began to fall harder.

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